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August 30 2011

(SPOILER) More preview pages for Angel & Faith #1. The issue is out tomorrow but we've got yet more preview pages that have been released.

It's on the UK on Thursday cause of the Bank Holiday (well according to my local comic book shop, that is).
Hmmmmm. I wonder if Angel will lose one of his best days ever as well (again).
You know it feels like I've already read half the issue already with so many preview pages that have been released.

But I really love these.They give context to the other preview pages with that were already released.Plus we get a great Giles flashback that is setting up part of the premise of the series which is basically the Ripper project but with Angel & Faith taken over the premise a bit.These preview pages really feel like a taste of what the BBC Ripper project was going to be.
Love this. We must have seen pages for half the issue by now?

Hate bank holidays. My store seemed to think they'd have it in tomorrow though.
Oh Christ, I'm going to have to buy this now. And I wasn't gonna buy any more comics, cause I don't understand them most of the time.
I think Scott Allie may have already spoiled the memory that Giles lost... I'm guessing the answer is actually in one of the panels he released a while back. The Twitter trailer of sorts.
Wow. (Actually, that's not enough. WOW.)

That looks and feels amazing. Such good characterisation - I can hear ASH's voice as I read those lines, I can almost hear Giles' stammer.

Roll on a week on Thursday (the next time I can get to my local shop, *sigh* )
I think Scott Allie may have already spoiled the memory that Giles lost... I'm guessing the answer is actually in one of the panels he released a while back. The Twitter trailer of sorts.
wenxina | August 30, 19:48 CET

@Buffyfantic: Yeah, either of those scenarios would be pretty tragic.
I actually got my issue today. And whatever doubts I had for this new series this issue alone took me by the hand and said, "Hush now gentle reader." I am excited. Also pleased as punch that they made a passing reference to canonize After the Fall.
@The Goose - spill! Pretty please, tell us what happens on the remaining pages!
Argh! Forgot about the bank holiday...was so looking forward to picking this up after work tomorrow and getting to participate in Buffyverse chat in 'realtime' for the first time ever!
If anyone in London spots this in a store tomorrow, please give me a heads up.
New Angel stories.Yayyy!!!
Btw, if anyone is interested, Rebekah Isaacs will be doing a Q&A with SlayAlive tomorrow. If you're not a member and want to play, I'm taking questions at
Spread the word. :)
Geez, show us the whole issue why don't they! (sarcasm) I guess I'm one of the few who like to be surprised.
I haven't looked at the preview pages but the basic break down is as follows:

SPOILERS!!!! I don't know how to do inviso-text, sorry.

And that's the issue. Pretty good I thought.

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Maybe if you don't know how to invisotext you shouldn't have posted it. My eyes spied the end of that before I actually started reading the new comments here. So, thanks for that.
There's a handy link right above the comment box that links to instructions for invisible text.
The Goose, you can find how to do invisible text in the 'how to' section that's linked to in the sidebar on the front page.
So....lots of revelations packed into the post preview pages!
@The Goose - thank you so much!

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My comic book shop is making a mad dash to shelve all the new comics by lunch time tomorrow, so by 2pm I'm reading this issue. Woo-hoo!
I hope everyone who comes into comic book stores tomorrow looking for Justice League #1 sees Angel and Faith #1, assumes it's part of the DC relaunch, and picks it up. ;-)
Thanks for editing my post. Sorry about that. In my defense there is a spoiler alert at the top. Also, typed that up from my smart phone and can't see/use the help link. But from here on out inviso-text will be my friend and newly acquired html ability.

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@zianna when you read the comic book all of what I summed up will be clearer in context. I can assure you that each player thought/thinks they are helping.
Wow, the preview pages look incredible. I cannot wait til tomorrow. Love everything implicated so far and especially love the dialog shown.
I really like the look of the artwork of these pages.

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