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August 30 2011

(SPOILER) A very special guest star on the new episode of "The Guild". They join other Whedonverse alumni, including Doug Jones and Maurissa Tancharoen, in the latest episode of Felica Day's web series.

not to be a pest but saying he's in it is already a spoiler :)
Yeah, I debated if I should even include his name, but thought the post might be irrelevant otherwise. Should I have not posted that he is in the ep?
Well I was unspoiled for it and nearly died of shock when I saw the episode, so I've tweaked your headline as not to spoil others.
Awesome, thanks. It sounds like he's playing himself.

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I think my head may explode.
Loved both of the celebrity cameos!
This just gets better and better.!
OMG can't wait. I love the Guild!!
I love this show.
I knew I recognized Doug Jones. He's got the super long fingers and neck and I figured if they were casting Whedon alums then that was who it is. Somehow I feel more connected since we both graduated from Ball State.

This season of The Guild is the best. I finally caught up and my head exploded multiple times.
Fan-freaking-tastic. Absolutely loved his reaction when turned down for lunch with Vork and Bladezz.

Never thought I'd be one for man-crushes, but I have two. And he's second on the list. ;-)
HOLY CRAP!!!! I was expecting someone, but not him! AHHHH! That was SO cool!

I love The Guild so much!
THANK YOU Simon! I managed to remain unspoiled and it was so great: such a perfect squee moment! I was not expecting Nathan to show up but it was clearly perfect. This is such a great series (but it is hard waiting the extra few days before I get to watch it).

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