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August 30 2011

On-site coverage of the Avengers filming in Cleveland. Comics Continuum, a metro Detroit-produced TV series, reports from The Avengers set with some unofficial video. It's the first segment in the episode. Also included are quick interviews with Kevin Feige, Cobie Smulders, Chris Hemsworth, and Robert Downey, Jr., from the Disney D23 Avengers panel.

Edited for incorrect info.

I would watch it but the constant sponsor message playing over and over and over the video is way too painful to bear. Maybe they will fix it by tomorrow morning.
When I watched it, it lasted 30 seconds and was gone.
I checked it when I got home, the sponsor message was gone. I couldn't remember exactly what was in the segment when I posted it at work (no flash) so I double-checked that too, see edits above.

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