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August 31 2011

"Visually, this is very much my own thing...". Some brief comments from Joss about The Avengers.

While I'm sure Joss will remain cagey about details I can't wait for him to sit down and do some longer interviews around the project.
I'm obviously a massive Whedon fan but I'm still not exceptionally clear on what his visual style is compared to other more auteur-ish directors since it seems like his writing is what stands out to me more.

I mean there are the occasionally touches where he does notable things like dream sequences, swoopy Dutch angles, and the occasionally off-kilter framed extreme close-up, but beyond that I'm not sure.

Granted I guess that's since he's mostly done TV since I forgot Serenity was his first film. Presumably pretty much everything he's done previously must take budget into consideration, no matter how expensive he managed to make things look a lot of the time.
1) I love your name. Great reference.
2) You make a good point. Most focus does go straight to the writing side of his storytelling. I know that I for one am going back to some old episodes to clarify for myself what exactly the Whedon visual style is.
Outside of a good 1er I'm not sure what his visual style is either. My understanding of his directing is that the director should be almost invisible, but, as you say, that could just be from his TV origins.
Like others have said, I think Joss's writing is what really stands out for me. However, I have noticed that he is REALLY fond of shooting through things like banisters, likes weird shadows, and LOVES mirrors. Other than that, I would have trouble defining the Whedon Visual Style.

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