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August 31 2011

Patton Oswalt briefly discusses Dollhouse. Within a long interview, Oswalt answers a question about whether his experience on shows like Dollhouse has "soured" his experience of working on series TV.

The question is about half-way down the second page of the interview. For those of delicate sensibilities, he curses quite a bit in his answer.

I love his answer. Especially because the question doesn't make sense. How could working with Joss Whedon sour a TV experience?
It makes perfect sense, since the question was about being soured on working for TV since the shows he appears on keep getting cancelled.
Ah. Well I suppose in that context it does work. Still though, speaking from a purely non-professional situation, his body of work has only been good, so I would have hoped for the answer he did give. If only because as a fan I would want him to appreciate the level of quality he has been a part of.

But yeah, working on consistently cancelled shows has got to suck.
Patton Oswalt impressed me on Caprica, whereas when he was on Reaper I had no idea of his talent. Dollhouse was somewhere in the middle but by then I was a fan.
His response is classic.
I've been a big fan of Patton Oswalt for a while now, him appearing in Dollhouse was just a treat. This was a great article all in all. Thanks for posting it up.

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