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August 31 2011

The Making of a Cover: Buffy Season 9 #1 by Georges Jeanty. Dark Horse takes us through the cover creation process for Georges' 25th Anniversary Cover.

Pretty cool to view the actual steps in making these images come to life. Georges and his is great!
The only difference I can see between pictures #5 and #6 is the cross hanging from Buffy's neck; it is grey (silver?) in #6.
The (same) cross is there on both pics, I think.
The final version of the whole pic seems to be a little less bright and less colourful... A bit more "misty"...

Season 8 brought me back to reading comics again. So thanks for that! And thanks to you all here at whedonesque for 'teaching' me how to read them!
Almost cured from my 'comic-dyslexia'! :-))
I had the two pictured overlapping in Photoshop; the only difference I found was that the final one was stretched in height by a few pixels.
The (same) cross is there on both pics, I think.

Yes, same cross, but different colours.

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