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August 31 2011

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 / Angel & Faith official trailer from Dark Horse. Spoilers only if you're trying to avoid any kind of preview panels.

Think the monologue could do with an update. It hasn't been "one girl" since season two. :)
Couple of new spoiler images I caught in there for both books.
Yes, that was nice.
It was cool, although I'm not really behind books (comics or otherwise) using "trailers" to promote themselves.
Brierly, do you propose that they only promote themselves in the same medium they publish in? How exactly are they supposed to grow their market reach if they are not innovative on their marketing approach? I see this as thinking out of the box and attempting to reach a primarily TV/video/internet fanbase. Kudos to them.
IrrationaliTV - how have people discovered books before? You can do advertising without using a badly done video. Posters at bookstores and word of mouth always worked before.
It's difficult to grow an audience by simply putting posters up, especially in, to take that example, bookstores, given that bookstores -- an entire chain, recently, in fact -- are going out of business.

By this weird argument here, movies should stop advertising on television -- or, for that matter, in newspapers, or, for that matter, online -- and stick to just having coming attractions at the theater.
The comic book fanbase/legal purchasers of content is shrinking every year. Companies that want to be around in 5 years should do everything they can to get new eyes and new customers. If that means fun little videos that disturb purists then more power to them.

Bookstores? What is this archaic thing that you speak of?
Love the trailer, kinda iffy about the narrator's voice. It lacks some gravitas.

Just to complement IrrationaliTV, exploring other "media" is something the industry is looking for. The big event of the week in the comic book industry, is DC Comics debut of their new DC Universe with 52 new #1 titles, starting with this week's Justice League. Although most of the coverage I've seen so far has been centered about the content, soon we'll see some coverage back to some of the big topics that was announced when this re-launch was announced, which was the same date release of brand new issues on print and also for digital distribution.

Thus the use of trailers have become more common this last few years, especially to bring awareness to people through other media, that would not have access to a print or online promotion of that content.

Even recent blockbuster hits at the movies, were not able to bring big boosts to comic book sales. Most of the movies are still huge, but they're not bringing in as many new readers as expected.
Yeah, both the narrator and the narration were iffy for me. The whole point of season 8 was that there were now more than one one Slayer. And if what I know of upcoming 9 is also correct, the other girls and women still have their power (not just Faith and Buffy), but it's the chain of succession that's been cut off.

The "she alone will stand, she is the Slayer" monologue worked for the beginning of the series, and became quaint after the introductions of Kendra and Faith, but after everything in seasons 7 and 8? I think it's a bit more than outdated.
I loved this! Adds more fuel to the fire, so to speak. This looks to be a great year for fans.
Um, no. Who was that narrator? I kind of need to know. And damn CBR, add a few more pop-up ads and shit to the mix why don't ya?
I like it. Except the narrator, that was awkward. Honestly, he sounded a bit amateurish.
Darn, I had to learn how to view the cache, reduce the speed to view those new panels. Scary monsters, scary belt.
In one of the last few flashes (you really have to pause to get a good picture), I think we're seeing the villains from Angel & Faith. The pale girl with the 'lightsabers' seems to be killing slayers and in the background we have Twilight hovering. Perhaps previous allies of Twilight will come back to get revenge on Angel for abandoning their cause. The girl sort of looks like the one from the #4 cover, right? In a later flash you see her and a pale guy standing in a bloody room.
Allycat, those scenes are from A&F #1. The pale girl and guy are indeed new villains and intend to get revenge on Angel.

Not sure about this; I like it that there's a trailer, but it came out a bit silly imo.
Trailers are all well and good for movies and tv shows, but books are books. I prefer more traditional advertising for books, like print ads.
Brierly, comic books need market growth. Print ads simply aren't going to generate the growth needed. This seems such a weird thing to be purists about. (I notice no one's questioned print ads for movies, just moving ads for print.)
Where would one see "print ads?" How would a TV/Internet/digital download person like me (and EVERYONE under 30) even see a "print ad."
Sorry but I don't see how a trailer of static images is going to get someone who hasn't read comics to suddenly want to buy comics. And it's book trailers in general that don't feel right to me, not just comic book trailers.
I can't think of a single print medium that is more closely akin to video than comics. It is perfectly suited and really screams out to be converted to trailers/film/video. I don't know what any other type of book trailer/video would have to do with this discussion.
^^ As I already made clear, I'm against book trailers in general. That's why it's part of this discussion.
How do you propose they reach out to a younger generation (and older early adopters) that does not read physical media? Or should that huge market be ignored? How would I ever see a print ad?
I think it's time to move away from the "one" slayer idea to the "two". Let's face it, it's all about Buffy and Faith. The rest are amateurs. Technically, Faith is THE Slayer. Buffy WAS the slayer but is still around due to a fluke at first, then an unnatural spell that broke the natural order of things by resurrecting her from the dead. Buffy shouldn't even exist really, but she does and the world pays the consequences as we've seen in season 7 and especially season 8.

The other girls don't count in my eyes. They were candidates, nominees who cheated by using a spell. It's like if everyone got to the win the lottery or get an olympic gold medal. It just doesn't work that way. Those girls weren't chosen. I know that goes against the very nice, girl power and community driven ideas of the Buffy season 7 finale, but I'm more interested in the facts than the themes when it comes to slayer lineage

I agree, the narrator is awkward, but I do love the shot of Faith and Buffy side by side, like equals in the final shot of the trailer with Angel in the back, the mysterious and dangerous anti-hero who has played such an integral part in both of their lives. I don't know, I just thought that was a cool image
I'm not against comics using trailers to market themselves, but man. What intern did they force to do the narration? Other than that, I could see this interesting new readers.
Arkham258, that's actually the desktop wallpaper I've been using for quite a while - you can get it in a lot of sizes over at Dark Horse. :)
FWIW, this trailer is leaps and bounds better than the awful trailers DC has been putting out for the New 52 launch.
Thanks for the tip Jaymii. That does look pretty awesome on my desktop

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