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"Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?"
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September 01 2011

Our Fall TV editors' picks. Ringer makes the top of Yahoo! TV's list.

I am so excited for Ringer that I could actually cry.
I know exactly how you feel :)
We're less than two weeks away from having SMG back on our small screens!
Here's hoping the series turns out to be laptop friendly. *crosses fingers*

I'm also wondering if there will be any sleestaks in Terra Nova. *crossses fingers* ;)
No Awake? Going by trailers and descriptions I'd say that's one of the most promising new series out there this season (apart from Ringer ofcourse.)

I know we have Ringer and Tony's Free Agents to look forward this season qua verse related new shows, anyone knows if there's anything else on the schedule?
Awake's not 'til mid-season, but that's looking pretty great. There's also American Horror Story starting on FX in October to keep an eye out for. That's Ryan Murphy and Tim Minear.
Ill check out Ringer, if it goes online somewhere, as I live in the boonies and dont get much in the way of channels on my television. but ive been biting my nails about Terra Nova for weeks
@the Groosalugg - It's already been mentioned, but Awake is premiering midseason. I've seen several critics say it was the best pilot they saw this year, so that is by far the show I am most excited for. It's a shame it's so far off!

Glad to see some good press for Ringer, as not all of the reviews I've seen have been positive. Still very excited though!
Yeah, that certainly is a shame sarahb and Jackal! I thought we'd be seeing it in a few weeks time and was really looking forward to it.
Didn't know about American Horror Story either. Anything by Tim Minear warrants attention.

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