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September 02 2011

(SPOILER) Creator's Commentary: Christos Gage on "Angel & Faith" #1. Christos Gage talks to MTV about the process of writing "A&F" #1. Spoilers for the issue, of course.

Great commentary.Sort of like what CBR did with Buffy in season 8.
It probably won't, but Christos' comments re: After the Fall should end the debate over its canon status.
Ugh. While I liked the first issue and think the series shows promise, I'm worried about how little importance Connor seems to be getting. One of my favorite things about Angel as a show was that it allowed the character to find a deeper love than the one he had for Buffy and that was for his son. I thought exploring how Angel dealt with being a father was one of the most interesting things they did with his character and I'm sad that it seems like that's no longer really important.

But hey! Maybe I'll be proven wrong.
My eyes be a-rollin'. The debate doesn't end because people have nuanced, differing definitions of canon (for some, it's more than a yes or no answer). And I'll leave it at that.

Great commentary by Christos. Keep on keepin' on, sir.
That was a great read. He sounds so enthusiastic about this project and those were some good questions
Just read the first issue and it was incredible. Very good stuff all around. Definitely looking forward to the rest!
Great interview with some pretty cool answers. I love how he describes Angel's feelings about himself and find what he said about Whitsler to be really interesting.

Biggest thing about this guy that I like? He knows the characters voices and gets it right on paper.
Roll your eyes all you want Emmie, but you're wrong.

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