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"You give it up for the Yorkie?"
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September 02 2011

(SPOILER) Avengers New York location photos including Joss in profile behind a plain-clothes Black Widow, as well as Hawkeye and Stark in civvies and some costumed Norse gods.

You both just made my 10-year-old son very happy - thanks for posting!

It's coming out next May Mom! Next May! How AWESOME is that!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????? I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!

The kid is so excited to see this.
I mirror your son's feelings exactly.
FYI to all NYC fans - they will be shooting at a diner across from Grand Central tomorrow and Sunday, at 42nd, and around Park/Lexington/Madison Aves.

Walked around tonight looking for set clues and saw them preparing the diner, as well as 'no parking' notices on the street for a movie called 'Group Hug'. Bingo.
'Group Hug'!

They're clearly having a blast. I'm jealous.
You both just made my 10-year-old son very happy - thanks for posting!

My work here is done! :)

And nice find b!X!

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Leave it to Joss to remain low key and in the background.
Isn't the entire article title and summary a spoiler?
I'm not surprised that Joss would have all the Avengers together in civilian clothes. It comes back to trying to focus on the characters and not the theatrics.

I have a feeling this is an early scene where SHIELD is called in to recruit Thor and help him against Loki while trying to look low-key.
For some reason Thor's costume strikes me as very...Halloween costume. I don't know what it is, but it just looks...kinda cheap. Maybe it's just because these are stills.

Joss pops up in that series that Puck posted, around #10 of 12, I believe. Some of the pictures didn't show up for me.

I hope Joss "introduces" all the characters in a way that those of us who have no bloody clue who the Avengers are can learn. (I've tried reading the Wiki articles. My eyes glazed over - tl;dr.)
Why don't you start by rewatching in order of appearance Ironman, Ironman 2, The Incredible Hulk (the one with Ed Norton and Liv Tyler), Thor and Captain America: First Avenger. Go to the end of the credits for the brief epilogue scenes that tie each movie to the Avenger initiative. That's all you need to know in preparation for Joss' movie.
jettamesis Well, that'd be a great suggestion, if I had a way to watch them. I'm not going to buy all those movies, and I can't afford Netflix. (I highly doubt my mother would add those to their queue just so I can see them.)

I think there might still be a Family Video in town - I'll have to check. But, again, there's the affording things issue. Sigh.

Thanks, though - I'll do my best to watch those before next year.
Some pics from today's shooting in NYC here
Does anyone know how long they're going to be filming in NY? I would assume they would at the very least have a moment of silence on 9/11, wherever they are.
Does anyone know how long they're going to be filming in NY?

According to this site, principal NYC photography ends today. Not sure if that is just for NYC or all filming though. There are some fan pics with Joss and the cast at that link as well.
I was happily scrolling down chazman's link and I came across - brace yourself - This. Beard looks to be in good shape, too.
It's That Shirt!

Joss needs to tell us what clothing line that is so we can all run out and buy our very own Joss Shirt!

Third picture down in the Central Park series (Second set of pictures), looks like Loki is doing the Dance of Joy.

The shot of Stan the Man reflecting in the window almost makes him look like a homeless person talking to himself, with all the plastic bags and whatnot piled around in the foreground.

Dammit, I'm getting excited for this film, and I know nothing about the Avengers! Errr....Group Hug, I mean. (Ok, and now I just heard little Grr Argh saying "Ooh, I need Group Hug!"
@ShadowQuest--dunno about that one, but the one he wore on the set of Epitaph Two and another popular behind-the-scenes photo set was from the Gap. I own it.
ShadowQuest, I'm not familiar with the characters either. I watched Ironman on TV and it stands on its own as quite an entertaining movie even for people who have no investment in the comic books.

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