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September 03 2011

Felicia poses with the largest Jayne hat EVER! Felicia posted this picture on twitter of her posing with the Super-sized Jayne hat (she has been posing for photos with lots of humorous costumes at DragonCon). I wish I was there!

OK. We know Firefly fans are crazy,!
A man (or woman) walks down the street in a hat like that, people know they're definitely not afraid of anything.
That is what I call creative costuming.
I think every picture I've ever seen of that costume, the expresson is exactly the same.
Ha ha, love it!! Except I'm having hot flashes just thinking of wearing that thing! Looks super hot!!
Felicia has by far the longest line in front of her table. She's DragonCon's queen :)
To me, b!X, it looks like the happy grin of someone who's costume is wildly successful and got her way more attention than she had ever hoped (it was a hilarious idea).
I took a picture with her, and her expression is the same!! She was so nice.
Oh, I met the Jayne Hat Lady at last year's Dragon*Con, and she was super nice, I think she said her sister whipped it up for her in a couple days. And it's made of fleece, so I don't know how she survives that Atlanta humidity in that thing. Best meta-costume ever.

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