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September 03 2011

Juliet Landau talks about her movie and tv career. Looks like she could be writing more Buffyverse comics.

There definitely are plot point involving Drusilla that could be touched upon. Maybe a little time at Mosaic would do her well?
Lovely lady!

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I always wished there was more story for Dru, she just kinda fades out of "Angel". I always wondered where she went. although i admitt im a bit behind on my comic reading :(
I can not tell you how much I enjoyed the character,"Drusilla". Juliet just really took that role and played it to the hilt!

There definitely are plot points involving Drusilla that could be touched upon.

Ah, don't you know! Would be great to see a return of that role, never know what the devil has up his sleeve. Until then, just really looking forward to the return of this great talent! Such a wonderful actress!

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