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September 04 2011

(SPOILER) A roundup of the reviews for Angel & Faith #1. IGN awarded the issue 8 out of 10 saying "this series should have little problem holding the attention of Buffy fans". Comic Book Resources gave it 4 1/2 stars out of 5, "this issue is a slam-dunk". It got the same rating from Comics Bulletin, "Overall, I loved the comic". Pop Culture Zoo went with "Great first issue, awesome writing by Gage, terrific art by Isaacs" and Inside Pulse said "given that this issue is the first release of Season 9, the bar is set pretty high going forward". And finally Multiversity Comics declared that "Gage told a very fine issue".

Our own discussion thread can be found here. You're more than welcome to plug your own reviews or share links to other reviews.

Thanks for collecting all those links, Simon.
If anyone cares to read my thoughts on the issue, they can be found here.
Buffyfest has a review also.
I loved the issue. The only complaint I had was the lack of Angel characters...
I've also posted a review. My first comics review since the first issue of IDW's Angel actually:
That gives me a warm glow. I'm glad it's being appreciated by critics.
Now, this is an issue I'll be picking up and looking forward to reading. Please forgive me, but I thought season eight was a bit misdirected. The flow of the characters just felt "off".

However, thinking this one will be spot on judging from the reviews. Angel and Faith always had an unique view of their world, one that should be explore.
Madhatter, Angel and Faith definitely feel like Angel and Faith again. It's a very welcome change from the craziness of S8.
Bleeding Cool saying nice things about the British dialogue.

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