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September 23 2002

Martin Noxon discusses Season 8. She mentions two possibilities: 1. a show based around Dawn. 2. a show based around Faith. (Article contains S7 spoilers in the last paragraph)

I would really love Buffy to end this season and go out on a high. I think if the show carries on , there's a strong possibility that it will go the same way the X-Files went.
i'm kind of into spinning dawn off into her own thing. seems relatively easy to do without rehashing the entire buffy canon: dawn has some dark issues of which we haven't seen much that would probably make for lovely dark storylines as she grows up a bit. as well, i'm sure there's a way for some of that power locked inside her to become a bit more evident.
Slayer Chronicles, maybe---but NO Dawnie, the Whining Slayer, please!

Dawn, although now human, still glows green-ish, and isn't really human, so she could have her own stories, but NOT Season 8 and not as the next Slayer---for one thing, they'd have to kill off Faith for succession, and then would Dawn really be next???

Personally, I'd like to see Faith as a reg on AtS, and if SMG doesn't re-sign, then let BtVS die a dignified death---JMHO. No, very special Buffy's and no kiss of death Buffy and the gang go to Hawai'i...
Slayer Chronicles is a good title. The Faith Chronicles would work, I think. Faith should have a show. She's been the best character on the show since she appeared. I see Spike as a natural counterpart to her if she has a show. Spike liked what he heard about her, remember?
I think I can deal with DtVS. I mean, I never liked Buffy herself much, it was always the cast around her. Though it's unlikely ME would strike gold twice, they've been very lucky casting AH/NB/ASH/ED/JM etc.

I know SFX magazine says the BBC is no longer interested in "Ripper", but ASH keeps saying they are (said it last week at Collectormania Con in Milton Keynes). It would be interesting to see how a fully British cast would deal with Jossisms.
They could have Xander undergo a sex change op and have a XtVS series and I'd probably watch if the writing stays as good as it is :)
i can't see turning dawn into a slayer, really. while buffy's emotional fuel lies in wanting a belonging she can't regain, dawn doesn't have that - she has never belonged to anything. not quite human, not even quite real, not quite strong enough to get out from under her sister's accomplishments and anger. she's the ultimate outsider. i could really see her growing into someone incredibly angry or vengeful.

she showed the beginnings of that in season five. i'm hoping (since she was essentially ignored in six) that seven will allow her to grow more as an individual.
Turn season eight into "Ripper the Evil Slayer" and I'm on board. Move the whole cast to England to do second unit shooting, and then do the principal shooting either in England or L.A. or both. The more in England the better, so ASH can be with his family while still entertaining us with his portrayal of Giles.

Dawn as the lead, though I admire Trachtenberg's acting, would be foolhardy. She hasn't been with the show since the beginning. It's going to upset the chemistry of the series too much.

Actually I rather prefer my idea. Have the Big Bad turn out to be Proserpexa, the effigy that Evil Willow almost set free at the end of season six. Have Proserpexa take Tara's body, and have Tara's spirit remain haunting the Scoobies. After a season of craziness, eventually Faith arrives and reveals what she learned from The Mayor about switching bodies with Buffy. They seek out the source of that device she used, and attempt to use it to put Tara's spirit back in her body, freeing Proserpexa's spirit. They'd think Proserpexa would lose her power, but she instead takes Buffy's body. Willow tries to use magic to undo the damage, but inadvertently Buffy's spirit goes into Willow's body, and both the spirits of Proserpexa and Willow are seemingly lost in the fracas.

In season eight, "Buffy" would be played by Alyson Hannigan, and Tara would be relatively back to her former self. Though we'd still have Buffy, we wouldn't have a Willow anymore (although her spirit could appear occasionally) and we wouldn't have Sarah Michelle Gellar anymore.

Of course this isn't the direction Joss Whedon's going, but I'd much prefer seeing Alyson Hannigan play the Slayer than Michelle Trachtenberg.
Spike and Faith in a show together.
This would make me very happy.
I can picture Faith on AtS much easier---for some reason. Or hell, give her her own show! :^[
Faith teaming up with Holtz, that would have been interesting, instead of... um... Justine I think, who never really made a big impression on me.
Justine is a Faith wannabe, that's for sure. I miss Hotlz already. Though he did seem to lose a certain something when he shaved off his goatee.

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