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September 04 2011

'Terriers' on DVD - a fan campaign. Did you like Shawn Ryan and Tim Minear's private eye show? Sad that it got cancelled? Want to see to see it get released on DVD? Well it's time for action then.

Gosh I hope this works.
Allyson, if I were not in love with Terriers already, this post would've done it. Question: buying the entire series on iTunes - helpful? I could imagine a world where buying them all would demonstrate that one didn't require a DVD, and I don't want to be that guy. But I love love love the show and I am gainfully (only by a little, but still) employed now, so I could throw $20 that way.
Still waiting for the DVD set of The Inside. That one never even made it to iTunes.
I see your "Inside" and raise you another "Inside," MissKitty!
There is an Amazon page for "The Inside" where you can sign up to be notified of the release date of the DVD. I'm guessing the release date, if there is to be one, depends on enough demand being generated.

A similar page exists for "Terriers."
It's been so long since Shawn Ryan's said anything regarding his occasional base touching with people regarding Terriers DVDs, I've sort of resigned myself to them never happening. If nothing else, if they do ever happen, that means I get to be pleasantly surprised.
viewingfigures, those pages are just placeholders. They are there so users don't get a 404 not found type error.
Are you sure? I swear we were once told that the powers that be see the numbers on who's asked to be notified. Anyone else have that recollection, or am I high.
Hey Kiba, long time, no fandom. I don't think it hurts to buy the season on iTunes. I don't think anything really hurts. I'm unsure if 20th thinks they break even on a DVD release, but I'm trying to appeal to their better angels and just say, "this was one of your best reviewed shows EVER. Perhaps it will gain steam as a cult classic, and um, WONT YOU THINK OF THE CHILDREN?" I hope.
Looking at the amount of old and new obscure Dutch tv shows that get a DVD-release, it's quite hard to image an acclaimed tv show like Terriers (even with the low ratings it garnered) not breaking even.

Unless the rates they have to pay actors and others involved in the production per DVD and the like are much higher in the U.S. of course.
I've heard they are still trying to figure out how to make it work without it losing money. Home video market is not even recognizable from what it was when Firefly and Wonderfalls were released. Not recognizable from what it was 3 years ago. Only the biggest most popular shows do well.

The Amazon requests are communicated if they are numerous enough. I'll make sure Allyson's impassioned plea gets to a few people at FHE. The studio involved was Fox21 which is a part of Twentieth Century Fox TV. FX really has no say in any of this. It's between Fox21, TCFTV, and FHE.
FX loved the show, so it's just sweet to mention them.
There's a bunch of factors that go into calculating the finances of it. Almost all of which I don't understand. I do know remastering soundtracks and fancy menus, packaging and all that stuff can run costs up, like, a lot. Like, imagine a big cost and then triple it, and you probably aren't close.

Of course, if ever there was a case study for a lo-fi DVD release, Terriers is it. Critics would talk it up, and your DVD cover quote is already on, like, almost any website that saw the show.

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Ah. That makes sense, Allyson. They did love it. I just didn't want anyone to think they had any/much pull in the DVD department because I don't think they do in this specific case.

I'd buy a The Inside/Terriers box set. :)
If targeted tweeting is at issue, try @20CenturyFoxTV.
Actually, I just put together the code for a tweet button that would bring up, "Dear @FoxHomeEnt and @20CenturyFoxTV: please release a #TerriersDVD. (Cc: @FXNetworks)" when clicked. If you want to add it to the site, I can send you the code.

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Thanks so much, bix. That would be awesome. Can you send to my firstname.lastname at gmail? I'm a twitter noob. And a wordpress noob.

I'm a noob, I think.
I'd buy the dvds, but, sadly, I don't tweet.
You can e-talk to Fox Home Entertainment by clicking here, lycoming.
I think we flooded them with calls during Wonderfalls. Tamara might remember.
Thanks, bix. I added it. Does it look right to you? I know the page is a little wonky. And the prose overwrought. OMG LOW SELF-ESTEEM.
Such a great show. I hope it sees the light of day soon. I don't actually purchase much on DVD but I'd certainly shell out for this.
Looks like there's a "Save" placeholder on Netflix, too. It even has pretty authentic-looking cover art. I put it in my queue. I'm optimistic that way.
I'd buy a The Inside/Terriers box set. :)

The Lost Shows of Tim Minear"

Firefly, Wonderfalls, Drive, The Inside, and Terriers.

Yeah, I'd go for that.
I've been hoping for a DVD campaign for this show. Sad one for The Inside never got started. The Save Wonderfalls one was so successful. I hope this one is too!
There have been several campaigns for the Inside over the years. None got much traction though.
I've been thinking about this show recently. It's good to see others loved it as much as I have. Better to have loved and lost and all that... Hope this finds a second life someday on some format.
Thanks, Allyson, for putting into words what most of us who loved the show wish we could. There are several of us in my little twitter group who regularly tweet about the lack of a Terriers DVD, sometimes specifically at Shawn Ryan and Tim Minear and FHE et al, sometimes just a woeful cry into the wilderness. I was one of the lucky few hundred who attended a Terriers college screening while the show was airing, and I am still thrilled that I got the chance to hear Donal and Michael talk about how close they were to Hank and Britt, both individually and with each other. And hearing Ted talk about the idea and the initial process -- I wish I had had a camcorder or something because frankly my aging brain has forgotten all but a few details and the general tone. I am the least likely person to take part in a fan campaign beyond a few tweets and blog posts, but whatever I can do, I will.
Back in July, the day after Comic-Con, I made the pilgrimage to Ocean Beach to sit in their booth at The Old Townhouse Restaurant.
Firefly, Wonderfalls, Drive, The Inside, and Terriers.

I'd definitely go for that too, but shouldn't it also include The Chicago Code?
Loved the show hard - from beginning to end, and bought it all on iTunes shortly after the "finale" *sniff*. Based on past experience with most of the short-lived shows I've loved, I never really expected a DVD, so I wanted to make sure I had it forever and always.

This was one of those TV diamonds we so rarely find - and I don't care what the reasons were for canceling it, or how wicked nicely it was done, or how, you know, it broke the execs' heads to do it *eyeroll* - it was a great show, they cancelled it, and canceling it was a frikkin' sin against storytelling, and a travesty.

Or what Allyson said about it, and very well, too:

These writers got all of the talent. Tell them your story. If you told them any little bit about your life, they’d sit down at a keyboard with a Red Bull and within twenty-four hours hand you your life back in sixty pages of the most interesting, harrowing, romantic, tragic scenes of your last decade. You’ll recognize it all as you, but see yourself in this new light. You, concentrated. Just add water for all the monotonous bill-paying, waiting-in-line-at-the-DMV, toilet paper-buying bullshit that takes up too much time between all the amazing shit we all deal with day-to-day.

Stick that in yer "Desperate Housewives Popstars of Orange County, New Jersey with Sad Runway Bachelorette Sauce" and smoke it. Hell, yes, I want the DVDs.
I'm going to have to scrape up some content to keep the site fresh from week-to-week.

I hate bugging people for interviews, but I'm going to have to beg for Q&As so I can keep the boat afloat and remind people to keep tweeting/emailing/calling/lighting things on fire. Any questions? I've no idea if I can get anyone to answer.
Do any of the cast/crew follow you on Twitter? I can send out a message from @watchterriers since a number of them follow that. (About Q&As, I mean.)

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Nah. Tim follows me in RL, though. That would be super helpful, bix. I'll nail something together and see if anyone will bite/has time/wants to prevent me from lighting things on fire. How do you want to work it out? My car is in the shop so I am sitting here, annoyed, not watching Terriers on DVD.
I was mainly just figuring if you wanted to try to Q&A any of them, I could tweet pointing them in your direction.
Allyson has put up an online petition to gather numbers of interested folks for wooing a would-be distributor.

It's cannily-worded:

To: FHE, DVD Distributors, Any Port in a Storm

We, the undersigned, do solemnly swear to buy the FX series Terriers on DVD, and to forever love the distributor. For it will be the best-looking, sexiest, smartest, coolest distributor, ever.


The Undersigned

Unlike some other fandom petitions, like "Let's Convince Nathan to be my Boyfriend", or my own "Joss Should Shoot an Episode of Dollhouse in My Conveniently-Located West Hollywood Apartment", this one actually has a shot at being effective - with sufficient numbers.

So if you loved Terriers - and seriously, who doesn't? - then pop on over and make with the fast-and-easy signing.

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