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September 05 2011

(SPOILER) Trailer for Jane Espenson's new web series "Husbands". It arrives September 13.

...and I finally have an excuse to ruefully relate that I discovered last weekend that Jane was shopping at the Tattered Cover here in Denver at the exact same time that I was, but of course I wasn't on the lookout for Jane Espenson being in Denver and didn't realize it until my wife mentioned it to me after seeing it on her twitter feed. Grr. Arg.
Wow. Blink and you miss that dialogue.
I love this trailer! It looks like so much fun, and Alessandra is freaking adorable! I also heard that Drew Greenberg wrote an exchange in that scene, the one having to do with "trinkets". :)
No, that isn't going to work, Jane deserves much better.
Madhatter, it's Jane's show. She writes, directs and produces it. It's all her. Maybe you should rethink what Jane "deserves."
I have a lot of confidence in and love for Jane, so I'll definitely be giving this show a good chance. But to be honest, the trailer doesn't do a whole lot for me.
Alessandra is freaking adorable!

All three of them are adorable! Looking forward to this very much.
It's Jane, so I'll give it a shot.
There was a nice video interview with Jane about the series last month (which I missed when it was first posted and just watched over the weekend). It's pretty neat, she describes Husbands as her Dr. Horrible. She decided she wanted to take the project to the internet, so she asked Joss and Felicia for advice on how to make it work. It sounds like a project that's pretty purely Jane doing what she wants to do.
The trailer didn't grab me at all, I couldn't understand half the stuff that was said, but it's Jane so I'll check it out.

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