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September 06 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar gets some "Friendly" help. Who does SMG go to for inspiration in portraying twins?

And a personal question of my own: how does one pronounce Siobhan?

floofypooh - Síobhan is pronounced Sheh--vahn.

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Siobhán can either be pronounced as maddy has it up there, as Shiv-ahn or as Shuh-vahn :)
I would have thought that the true source of twin advice would come from Nick Brendon and Kelly Donovan.
Thank you, Floofypooh! I have always wondered that myself! :) (and thanks to those who had the answer!)
OMG Sarah likes Lisa Kudrow? Sarah and Lisa were in the same room together? MIND OFFICIALLY BLOWN. <3

And it's pronounced Sha-Vaughn.
Embers, Nick and Kelly were twins trying to play the same character. The two Friends examples were what SMG is trying to do, one actor playing two different people. So I can understand why she cited them as inspiration.

You'd think genuine twins would be in real demand in the TV and movie business. T2 had two sets of twin actors for example, but Social Network had to use CGI to play twins.
zz9 I do get that distinction, but it seemed to me that insights into the actual differences between real life twins would be more useful than the way one (or even two) actors had solved the dilemma of playing two distinct personalities of twin characters. Just my opinion of course, and I will pay SMG the compliment of assuming she did a lot more research than just watching 'Friends'.
Well Pheobe and Ursula hated each other, and it looks like SMG's two characters don't get along, so I'd hope Nick and Kelly don't have any advice to offer in that department!
Thanks, everyone, for the pronunciation help! I'll be looking forward to the Ringer premiere next week!
She could talk to C Carpenter about "Deadly Sibling Rivalry"...

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