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September 06 2011

That time Joss videobombed Buffyfest. The fine folk at Buffyfest share their embarrassment at not having noticed something hilarious on their own footage from Comic-Con.

How can anyone not love that man?
Here's a direct link of joss videobombing Chambliss.
Oh, that is TOO good. I wonder if one of the ladies would have gasped, had she only looked back behind her for a second! Har.
That's hilarious! :)
Joss does that....often! He's good at sailing right by without notice.

Hey, who was that mystery man?
Holy crap that is hilarious.
Talk about absolute focus on your interview. Being that close and missing out is so much worse than never being within the same country. He was right there! You can't be in that video and watch it without tearing up out of frustration.
It's the guy who dresses up as Joss at Comic-Con. Haven't you seen the interview?

Is there a special store just for that t-shirt? (I am the same way - I wear special ones til they fall apart)
Got me! Dang, he's a splitting image though. I say again, who is that mystery man :)
Joss: You're a HUUUUGE nerd!

Pot meet Kettle. Snerk!
Pot meet Kettle.

That's always an interesting battle.
Thanks for sharing, B!x. What fools we are! I wish there was a reaction vid of the moment we saw that 2nd angle. Picture a room full of Buffyfest people crowded around a computer screen not knowing what to expect and then just gasping in unison as Joss literally points at us...followed quickly by howling and flailing and general hysterics. I still shake my head right now.
Do you think Joss was hanging around hoping for a word w/Georges Jeanty, or do you think he was intentionally trying to blow your minds by getting in the shot? Cause I'm imagining a little bit of both.
The funny thing isn't that he just turns up in the background, the funny thing is that it's right at the moment his name is mentioned.
@GreatMuppetyOdin... now if only that was always the case.... You know like with Voldemort only less with the evil... or you know less with the bad kind of evil atleast.
Embers, I like to think Joss saw, and heard, what was being said but decided not to steal the limelight from them. Rather than butt in and be all "Me! Me! Me!" he let them get on with it.
Embers I guess we'll never know, but when he tilts his hat up at that one point it's kind of like he's saying "Hey guys, you sure you don't want to notice that I'm standing RIGHT HERE? No? Ok, that's cool, I'm going to go talk to Scott Allie. Byeee!"

Slightly off topic, but has Joss gone all Einstein wardrobe, i.e. he's got 15 of the same shirts hanging up in the closet each morning so he can focus his Avengers-addled brain on how to work a Nathan Fillion starring Hank Pym cameo into the film (that's right, let's get the rumor started now so eventually a successful fan campaign will follow)? Because he sure does seem to wear that grey/salmon jersey, like, everywhere now.
Hahaha, I think there is just a LOT of footage from that one day he was there at San Diego Comic Con, MrArg.

Unless you're seeing him wearing it which case yes, the focusing on the cameo thing!
Yes, it's all footage from that same day at Comic-Con and then that one day filming in Cleveland.

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Could've sworn he was wearing it in NY this past week too...hey, dude rocks the jersey, it's a good look for him, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a sign of Marvel Studios cutting budget on him or anything ;)
NY was a long time since those Cleveland photos. It's not like he wears his shirts once then throws them away. Don't you wear your shirts more than once? ;)
I change mine with pretty good regularity although my wife would probably wear her Firefly shirt 7 days a week if I let her :) And I do likes me some jerseys of a similar fashion to this one...coincidence? I think not!
I'm really enjoying all the "obsession" with this t-shirt. I think we should all get one and it can be our secret "handshake." ;-)
I'm definitely wanting to buy one... but I don't know where to find one (has anyone seen the label? I'm guessing no one has checked the back of Joss' neck). Hey, I've got nothing else to buy at the moment (except the upcoming comics)!
I actually googled two-tone jerseys for awhile but then thought, "No! That's Joss' look, dammit. If I duplicate it, then it isn't special anymore". And you know, the hat. And that leads to Sondheim (Finishing the hat) and that will lead to no.good. "Oh, is that a Georges Seurat hat? Where do you get a hat like that to complete the look?" Straight-jacket time.
I think someone should develop a two-tone jersey of the same colors with an awesome "Attack Of The Mo-Cap Men!" logo and pic on the front. I'd buy one and I'll bet most everybody else would too...
You guys are so funny about the shirt and I must be crazy because I know EXACTLY what brand it is and happened to mention it to Michelle that day. I'll find some links and do a little write up right now...

Ok, here it is!:

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How did you know it was my birthday tomorrow? Thank you!
Haha. You're welcome! And early happy birthday MrArg.

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