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September 07 2011

Wearable Buffy Quotes. Wear it proudly on your chest.

Buffyfest just keeps on giving. Some of the best quotes from BtVS. This may be the best Buffy t-shirt, ever.

I saw it before, but are you sure the designer is a buffyfest-blogger?
I searched previous posts and didn't find (don't scream at me Mods). No, Buffyfest merely pointed it out on their blog, for which I thank them.
Ok, so...what are all the quotes? I mean the ones behind the person.

I assume the tombstone is Buffy's. What's with the bear? "A bear! You made a bear!" "I didn't mean to!" "Undo it!"?

And those aren't all quotes. Scooby Gang isn't a quote, it's a nickname. Neither are the vampyr book or yellow crayon.

This has the potential for greatness, but it's not quite there. In my opinion, of course.
The bear quote is Spike from "Pangs", one of my favorite holiday eps (Thanksgiving). With the "I didn't mean to" being Buffy's response.
Red Bubble, the original shop, has some great Buffy-related designs (and a few not so great ones, to be fair). Buffy the Riveter, anyone?
Go Here and enlarge the t-shirt to see everything.
Wow the quote shirt is really cool! I also like the little images, even if they aren't quotes. :)
I agree ShadowQuest. It's got some great bits (love the Ben is Glory graphic. But it's missing some that need to be there.

I would want to have included "Look it up:‘Slayer comma The.’"

Also, isn't the quote "I'm cookie *dough*"?

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It's not bad but I've always wondered why it's acceptable for fans to sell t-shirts but not fanfic.
For me, the ultimate Buffy quote, the one that defines her perfectly is the beginning scene from The Gift..."But you're just a girl. That's what I keep saying." IMO, more appropriate than the quote they used from Anne.
Ok, would you "define" Buffy in 25 quotes? Not just taglines (Like Faith's "Five by five," or "M'Fashnik") but actual quotes from the characters.

Things like: "Some type of...supergirl. Chosen to fight demons and save the world...? That's ridiculous." Or "Thank god we're hot chicks with superpowers."

But they should be short, and self-contained (i.e. nothing someone else leads up to or replies to.) and not something that you'd have to have seen the show to get. So...I guess...define "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer" through quotes as if you're trying to get someone interested in the show who's never seen it.
I love this shirt. Screw showing off to people. I would look down at my chest and a warm smile would cross my face. Maybe my eyes would get watery when I noticed the epitaph in the mirror. Oh yeah, bookmark'd.
That's exactly why I would wear it. I must be easy because I love it just for the Pangs quote!
I love it too. Despite it having the wrong quote. "I'm cookies." I would buy it and wear it. The Bronze shirt and the UC Sunnydale shirt are really cool too!
Woops, half my post accidentally deleted. Here's my favorites:
1. " Out for a Walk..Bitch."
2. "I wear the cheese..."
3. "It's about power."
4. "I do doodle..."
5. "Bored Now."
6. "Five by Five"
7. "I'm Buffy, the vampire slayer. And you are?"
8. "From Beneath you, it devours."
9. "the Earth is Definitely Doomed."
10. "I must be a superhero or something"
11. "Are you ready to be strong?"
12. "I’m 1120 years old. Just give me a frickin’ beer!"
13. "Because it's wrong."
14. "Ask around, look it up. Slayer, comma, the."
15. "I won't do anything that could be interpreted as brave. "
16. You could never hope to grasp the source of our power."
17. "You think you know. What's to come. Who you are. You haven't even begun."
18. "Death is your gift."
19. "A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend."
20. "I'd like to test that theory."

I'm feeling all tapped out and I haven't even included Angel, Cordy, Oz, or Xander.

[ edited by CaptainB on 2011-09-08 02:56 ]
CaptainB good list! But I think 11 should ready, "are you read to be strong?"

(Edited to fix my correction of another quote to be corrected)

(This edit is to actually DO the edit that I was writing to correct another quote to correct...oh just forget it!)

[ edited by alexreager on 2011-09-07 22:29 ]

[ edited by alexreager on 2011-09-07 22:30 ]
As you can see, I tried to edit it twice with no luck. The Black doesn't care for my Y's...I've been trying to write, "Are you ready to be strong?"
Thanks, alexreager, I fixed it.
Love that David Fury is on a t-shirt there. Click. Must buy some. Does anyone know the quality of the shirts from this place?
Perhaps its the fact that I recently became a parent, but I would have a problem wearing a shirt with the word "bitch" on it. I don't think I would have cared a few years ago.
@Jaymii - Excellent quality; they're American Apparel shirts.

By the way, a good number of geeky shirts on Redbubble (and other sites) are first promoted on TeeFury, including the aforementioned Buffy the Riveter.

[ edited by ceo on 2011-09-08 00:56 ]
Dang. I will never give money to American Apparel, not even for Buffy quotes.

...well, maybe if they'd included the one that gave me my name. And "No need, little lady! Your tears of gratitude are thanks enough for me!"
What's wrong with American Apparel?

I liked the quotes, I much prefer having some of the random stuff on there than all quotes about the slayer mythology or whatever. I'm not a massive fan of the 'lets cram everything on' kind of designing though so I probably won't buy it.

I guess it's because a shirt feels like "less" than a fanfic. They're not actually using the characters to tell a full story, just "show" the characters.

Not the best or most clear answer, I know, but I definitly see why a fictional story would be theft while a t-shirt isn't.

I think it could also be compared to how we can't use official artwork, but create our own Buffy art an sale. One can easier see what is stealing and what is original. When writing fanfiction, the line is more blurry and hard to judge, so it's simply not allowed.

Btw, anyone who knows exactly how plagirisms work? Buffy+Angel and Bella+Edward had similarities, but no one is talking about suing. The stories and characters are similar, but not too similar. I just wonder, in theory, how far people can go before you risk getting sued. Could one write about a blond cheerleader who slays vampires and has a sister made out of energy or is that illegal?


Btw, this print can be bought as a poster, which is how I'll buy it.

[ edited by Skytteflickan88 on 2011-09-08 17:05 ]
It is weird that this is ok to sell this but it's also not using any actual images from the show, so maybe it's more like parody law?

We used to have a Yummy Sushi Pajama shirt on Zazzle which only had sushi graphics (and the quote) and after 2 years of selling it got a Cease and Desist order. Then Zazzle took our whole store down! I don't really get how it was infringement (more homage), but man were the Zazzle people not hearing any of it from us.

Anywho, I'm glad this shirt made it out there bc it's made of win!

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