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September 08 2011

You, too, can dress like Joss Whedon. Did you like the shirt that Joss wore at Comic-Con and for the filming of Avengers? Well Buffyfest have tracked down where you can buy it.

If I were a superhero, I'd stock my closet with henleys too.
I'm definitely considering being Joss for Halloween now. It probably wouldn't be my most obscure costume ever...
Heh. This is too funny. Thanks, buffyfest. I did actually like the shirt that Joss wore at Comic-Con and for the filming of the Avengers.

So, um... "swordfish?"
I've always thought of Joss as a fashion icon
Yes, that shirt really did have something about it.....I think because it has a stylish yet comfy feel to it. Now we know where Buffy got her keen and practical fashion sense. ;-)
35 USD for that shirt? That's insane troll logic!
Joss should get a cut of the sales of those shirts. I'm sure it's about to increase :)
This makes me very happy (I'm easy to please).
Yes! Why not put it on and go find some fans to photobomb? Really, it's the entire team at Buffyfest that should be "SDCC Joss" for Halloween this year! Ha! And :(
I'm willing to bet that if a whole bunch of us got these, and wore them next year to SDCC, that even Joss wouldn't have a clue about what we were trying to be.
buffyfest, we want photos. Will you do the hat too? :-)
I think red beards are in order as well. The costumes and the flock of Josses just wouldn't be complete without 'em.
I'm willing to bet that if a whole bunch of us got these, and wore them next year to SDCC

It'd be the equivalent of that crowd scene at the end of V for Vendetta.
What is the opposite of "Epic Fail?" "Epic Success" doesn't have the right ring to it, so I guess I'll default to "SHINY!" Nicely done sir!

EDIT: Sirs and Ma'ams!

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Haha. I love the Whedon fandom. How many other fandoms would be cool enough to find out how to buy this exact shirt? Some would call it creepy; I call it endearing.
Yeah, we love our Joss master...
Oh man that picture of him and Nathan. So classic. I want to cut them out and put them against a Lord of the Rings or Princess Bride background or something. (Nathan's tall!)
Hahaha Kairos! And yes, Red beard and cap is definitely needed with this costume.

We are a nutty bunch....the shirt basically has it's own fandom now! Maybe Joss'll donate it for CSTS auction or something and we can all fight over "the original."
Heh. Might have to get it to wear to Avengers on opening night...
**Awesome Update!: Use Coupon Code jacks15 for a 15% off discount at that second link (! Now you REALLY can't say we never loved you.
cool, I've got a few Jack's Surfboards shirts of my own. I, too, can pretend I'm Joss now.
That's somewhat creepy. It's his personal attire, not the attire of a character.
Ha! I am seriously tempted to buy this ... but I'm a starving grad student and can't really afford $30 for a shirt. So I probably won't. It would make me smile every time I wore it though! Might be worth it. :-)
Shouldn't there be a slogan? WhedonWear? Wear It Like Whedon?
I think as a one-off, buffyfest spoofing Joss' videobombing for Halloween or something is funny. But I would feel weird copycatting Joss in some public place hoping he'd see me - I don't think he's terribly aware of our eccentric monitoring of his fashion sense ... or anything else, anyhow. HeeHee.
Slogan, slogan...

"You can't have his talent, but you can wear his shirt."

Or alternatively:

"You can't have his talent, but you can have his shirt."

Probably too long, huh? And maybe slightly creepy. ;P
"I'm a Jossinista!" (Man, can I just say how much I HATE those TJ Maxx ads!?)

"Joss is my Fashion Guru now."

Hmm, something playing off how this shirt is unisex, and Joss supports Equality Now? (I've got nothing, really, for that, just a meandering thought.)

If a whole bunch of us got together wearing this shirt at some convention thing, it'd be hilarious to have Joss in the middle of the group (or off to the side) for a "Where's Whedon?" style photo op.

I'll have to keep my eyes out for a pink & grey Henley @Goodwill. Only way I'd ever afford one.

Ya know...Tony Head favors plaid shirts. In fact, I swear he's worn the exact same shirt to every convention he's done in recent years. It's a Polo by Ralph Laruen in green, red, blue, purple and yellow. Either he's got a ton of them, or that's one well-cared for shirt. (He wore it the day I had my photo op w/him, and someone waiting in line complained. They said it made him look like "an old farmer." I pointed out that he does live on a farm.)
"I wear the Joss. Joss does not wear me."
Ahem. Said shirt has now been touched by none other than Stan Lee himself, and on the set of The Avengers, no less. How does that impact the shirt's cool quotient?
Oh, haha BrewBunny, I totally thought you meant that Stan Lee was WEARING the shirt now. Talk about a change of events!

And TonyaJ I think Joss would be creeped out by us spoofing him as well, but not sure that would stop us. It will probably be our mission now to wear the shirt and photo bomb him back. Too bad he prolly won't be at NYCC.
I was just notified by Jack Surf & Sport that the shirt is sold out! :(
embers, sorry to hear you were disappointed. But, heh, they must be kinda wondering what the heck is going on with that shirt.

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