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September 08 2011

NPH Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony date announced. Neil's ceremony will be next Thursday, September 15th, at 11am. The star will be at 6243 Hollywood Boulevard (in front of The Frolic Room Bar next to The Pantages Theatre), and Joss (and Jason Segel) will be the guest speakers.

I'm happy that Neil is being recognized but I'm starting to view this as just some popularity contest, taking into consideration the system of receiving this, because there is obviously a figure in our Whedon world who has not been given this recognition (much like how the Academy often hands out Oscars; incomprehensible). Apples/Oranges, I guess, but it still makes me wince.
What happened to the push to get Joss a star? A lot of money was sent quite some time ago. Has it all been donated to Charity?
I'm still waiting to see evidence that the thousands of dollars raised for Joss' star was actually donated to charity this summer as promised.
I'm still waiting to see evidence that the thousands of dollars raised for Joss' star was actually donated to charity this summer as promised.

Ditto. This needs to be taken care of. It shouldn't have to take this long.
I definitely think Neil's myriad talents make him a worthy star recipient - and there is no greater honor than having your star in front of the Frolic Room. ; ]

Molto congratulations to him.

(Re: Joss' long overdue star - thought I'd direct folks to the ongoing thread where questions have been asked for a few years, culminating in jenskijen's unanswered questions from this past August 19th.)

I never understood why the site and forum went down if the campaign was ongoing all this time, and I never heard what, if anything, was changed in the application to make it better/more likely, once the first one(s) were denied.)
NPH absolutely deserves a star. He's both staggeringly talented and staggeringly likable.
Is the general public allowed at these? I skimmed the page and couldn't find anything, but I may have missed something. I assume we're not, though, yeah?
I don't think they can stop the public from hovering nearby. I would, if I lived in the area. :-)
I have to decide what's more important to me: good grades, or NPH/Joss/Jason Segel.

I think we all know how this one's gonna crumble.
Their FAQ says:

Walk of Fame ceremonies are open to the public. There is a public viewing area set up for all to enjoy. Please be aware that ceremony dates are subject to change. Call the Walk of Fame information line (323) 469-8311 or check our website for verification.
Off topic - has The Avengers wrapped, do we know?
If not, it's got to be very close, because the NY shoot was only supposed to be a couple days, last I read.
Yes, the Avengers has wrapped. Everyone's back in LA now.
Who chooses the guest speakers? Did Neil himself? Huge congrats to the man though. One of my favourite people in Hollywood.
Sunfire, either I'm totally misinformed or that picture's a few days old (I'm pretttty sure the latter, but I'm trying to keep my mouth foot-free). Friends working on set returned Monday night after the final days of shooting in NYC. But maybe Joss and co. stuck around, and I'm completely wrong.
I wouldn't be surprised. Stan Lee did tweet it on Sept. 8, but I have no idea when shooting is/was done for the movie. No inside info from me, just speculation based on internet comments.

That said, I really would like an update on the status of the donations to charity from the old Walk of Fame campaign myself.

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