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September 08 2011

Take part in a survey of feminism within the Buffyverse fandom. Research into the fandom is always to be encouraged. Discussion of this particular research into feminism and the fandom can be found at this LiveJournal.

I'm answering this right now! I do love a good Buffy survey.
I took the survey. I'm not a fan of surveys that rely heavier on comments than actual multiple choice as this one seems to do. Makes it way too easy to read into it what you want as a surveyor. Relying more on multiple choice makes the outcome much more scientific in my opinion.
That was tough, trying to do it from work. Wish I'd waited but it will be just as hot and humid at home than completing it here. Hope we get to see the results.
Honestly? I started the survey with all good intentions, but it required way too much writing as the bulk of its content, and I quit mid-way.

Firstly, I'm with IrrationaliTV on the tricky nature of interpreting an essay-based survey. And secondly, I think an essay with each question requires far too much work for a fandom survey. A place for comments at the end is always welcome, but this was a bit much-ish for me. I'm usually up for a survey that combines two of my major areas of interest, but this required a bit more commitment than I was up for.

Of course, YMMV.

(And of course, since I quit before I was done, I don't actually know how many more questions there were.)
I completed the survey, but (and I hope I'm wrong) I felt like it was an excuse to nitpick at Joss for not being the perfect feminist (not meeting everyone's view of what is necessary for perfect feminism). I concluded by pointing out that I am much more worried about the retro/anti-feminism I see in so many shows on TV, I think it is a stupid waste of time to attack the few writers who actually create some strong women characters.
I got that feeling as well, embers and then worried that I was overthinking it. It caused me to not fill in most of the essay portions.
I disagree somewhat about the comments section. It's not like you HAD to write an essay. I just made a few comments after the questions and it didn't take long. The surveyor can do with it what she/he will with them.
You can't measure everything with numbers. Qualitative research is just as important as quantitative research. In fact, the attempt to measure everything with graphs and numbers was a turn-off in graduate school. It's helpful and necessary and a part of research--but it's not the only way to do things. I think the researcher made a good attempt to balance the quantitative and qualitative, and to me, that's what a good researcher does. Additionally, I couldn't determine the researcher's bias from the questions. Even though there's a question about another researcher's criticism, the survey's author could agree or disagree. It's not known, unless you happen to know the surveyor or her/his previous work.
I guess I learned something at university after all. Yay, research class!
Maybe it's me, but I found I was unable to summarize my answer to:

"In feminist theory, the "patriarchy" refers to the general concept of a society with power tilted towards men at the expense of women. Do you think either show has any examples of this? Discuss how the shows portray or even challenge ideas of patriarchy."

... in a comment or two.

And I hadn't even made to this rather complicated question:

"Has watching the shows or participating in fandom affected your own views of feminism? Include lessons learned, insight gained, and instances when your eyes have been opened to new things."

I guess I could have just skipped or skimped on most of the essay portion, as some others have, but since the researcher said in her intro that her interest lay in the written comments sections, that seemed at bit pointless.

I don't think things that can't be answered by numbers: can be answered by numbers, and certainly not "everything". ; ] And I'm equally not a fan of surveys whose format does not allow for written comments. But neither do I think that a survey looking at fandom's perception of feminism in the Buffy'verse conducted by someone whose "real interest lies within the comments text box at the end of each question..." is necessarily hitting that optimal balance of quantitative & qualitative.

In any event, I'll be interested to see the results.
QuoterGal-Did you go back and finish the survey?
Well I thought it was fascinating, and was amazed at how much I had to say- I always dislike no comment box surveys-- I find myself forced to chose between very wrong and a little less wrong answers as if they were right with no where to explain myself. I had fun. If it hadn't have been fun for me, I would've just skipped it.

I don't think it's unscientific-- social sciences in general are usually reliant on long in depth interviews and such like. This is reasonable, IMO. Just don't comment if you don't have anything you want to say!
Nope, I didn't, menomegirl - couldn't do it or myself justice in the amount of time I was willing to devote to a fandom survey. Went to her LJ to check out the rest of the questions and decide, though. Just ended up thinking it wasn't for me.

No harm, no foul, though. Just not my cuppa.
I started with enthusiasm, but toward the end I ran out of steam. Probably should have not done so much commenting at first.

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I do a lot of qualitative research and the danger here is that those who take time to complete the written questions are those invested enough to do just that, and they may not be representative of the group as a whole. Plus, I am not sure how this was actually advertised for recruiting participants; it got picked up here but was not designed specifically for this site. The sample will be critically important.

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I loved this survey. I would have loved to discuss these questions on a forum, but I didn't save my answers and won't rewrite them, that's too much work.

I picked Buffy & riley's relationship as a example of feminism, even though some people would disagree. I never saw his displeasure at not being as powerful as Buffy as a show of machoness, more of a will to be buffy's equal. Which is of course, wrong; physical strength doesn't equal equality. Could simply be that he thought she didn't love him because he wasn't strong, and he was desperate to be lover by her(seemed that way).
This survey would be a lot easier to take if there was a way to save your work and come back later, and if there were page numbers so you skip right to page you want (instead of clicking 'next page' over and over again). I keep meaning to come back and fill out this survey, but I never find myself with the time or patience to do it all at once. I suppose I could save my answers on my computer and copy/paste when I'm ready to fill it out.

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