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September 08 2011

Husbands Event with Jane Espenson. Hang with Jane on Sunday, September 11th in West Hollywood for a panel on her new series, Husbands.

MELTDOWN COMICS, 7522 W. Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, 8pm. Meltdown is wee, and space is limited to 100 people, so please RSVP! Husbands premieres on September 13th.

I hope they put a video of at least some of it on the web.
It's the Nerdist Writers Panel, so it will be up as an audio podcast at a later date. I don't believe any of those panels are up in video.
Drat. I have a terrible time with audio podcasts - audio processing disorder can be a pain in the ass.
So excited for this. Gotta make sure to arrive early!

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