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September 08 2011

The Hollywood Reporter reviews SMG's "Ringer". The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman is not too impressed by the CW pilot starring our former formidable slayer.

That's actually a far kinder review than the one in the Toronto Star. Tuesday preview.

And the reviewer was a Buffy/Firefly fan.

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His twitter handle is "The Bastard Machine." That's all I need to know. The pilot isn't perfect. Very very few are. I'll hang in until ep 4 or 5. That's when you know if a show with potential will be any good.
I plan to hang in for the full season. Unless it's so dreadful not even SMG can brighten it up, and that's something that would boggle the mind.
I wasn't convinced by Buffy until "School Hard". That's when I went "ooooh! okay, I'll stay!"
Apart from her considerable talents, SMG has been in plenty of bad movies. It's not difficult to imagine that a show from the people behind MEDIUM is not much cop.
Goodman is kind of becoming my favourite critic lately. For dramas anyway, he's very good. His Breaking Bad stuff is the best. Still tuning in come the prem day though.
I've never watched Medium, but I've usually heard positive sounds about it from people who did. Anyway I have high hopes from this series (apart from Sarah it apparently also stars Jason Dohring) and think I'll stick with it for atleast one season.
@IrrationaliTV -- His Twitter handle is called "The Bastard Machine" because that is the name of his blog on THR (The Hollywood Reporter).
I'm planning to watch, but my expectations aren't high. Then again, I own a lot of Buffy alumni movies, and many are pretty bad.
I read Goodman's columns when the San Francisco Chronicle carried them. I did not always agree with his tastes, but he watched everything, his columns were always thoughtful and he did not seem to have prejudices about particular genres or artists.

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Goodman had that moniker long before he worked at THR, I believe. he tends to like a few shows I can't stand and dislike (vehemently) some shows I really enjoy. As with any professional TV critic you have to take what they say with a huge grain of salt until you find a critic whose preferences line up with yours.

And as his reviews go, this one was basically an endorsement. I've seen ten times worse. Pretty sure he disliked Firefly a lot from the beginning. Correct me if I'm wrong on that, people.
That review by the Toronto Star makes no sense. Apparently the author, Rob Salem, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Here it is in a nutshell:
Hard to imagine, but this thing looks even worse on paper.
[plot synopsis]
Yeah, I know. Thatís what I said when I read it. Until I actually watched it and was rendered speechless.

Two points:
1. If you're going to use the rhetorical device "that's what I said", maybe it should be in reference to something where people are likely to have the same reaction. Everyone here knows the basic plot of Ringer. There's nothing about it that makes me think "oh my god, that's terrible".
2. This guy starts out by saying "this thing looks even worse on paper", then implies the show is even worse when you see it than when you read it. It's called English, Mr. Salem. Words have meanings.
I liked Medium. Very few shows even try to show the kind of honest family relationships that Medium did so well.
For me, Medium, in a tangential leap here because of the Riley post still on the main page, is that Jake Weber, as Joe Dubois, Allison's husband, was the best thing about the show. Playing a regular guy, not a perfect guy, living with extraordinary circumstances; three daughters, and a wife with medium powers. And how he dealt with all of that. Very, very good actor.
Jason Dohring joining the cast was all I needed to read, loved him as Logan in Veronica Mars and as Josef the 400 year old vampire in Moonlight, so yeah, as long as he is on the show I am there.
While this review is negative, Ringer is one of only five new shows to get overwhelmingly positive reviews according to Metacritic:

2011-2012 Preview

For those that don't want to bother following the link, they are:

2 Broke Girls
The New Girl
Up All Night

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