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September 09 2011

The Mind of Jane Espenson. New interview with Jane Espenson on Torchwood, Husbands, Firefly, and the badassery of Buffy, Echo, Starbuck, and Gwen.

I like the serial killer-style mug shot they have for Joss as they ask which Avenger Jane would kill if she were he.

It's weird that Jane didn't even consider Echo in her response to the badass question. I mean, Echo could be Buffy, Gwen and Starbuck - plus a bunch of other folks - simultaneously, and while she presumably wouldn't have slayer magic, it seems like any other trait that would tend to make the others win, she would steal. Not that those sorts of "protagonist vs. protagonist" match-ups are really that deterministic or substantive, but it's the principle of the thing.
Jane Espenson is awesome; The obvious love for her craft, and the care she takes in getting it just right, shine through.

Also her committment to the fans is admirable. If you're not following her on Twitter I suggest you do, her legendary writing sprints, and astute comments about her writing are inspirational.

I am really looking forward to "Husbands" and hope it becomes an institution (sorry couldn't resist).
I've never been a Jane Espenson fan. The only work she's really done well is the work on Buffy and I think that was just because it happened to be what she does best. She made some serious floppers on BSG and her work after Buffy. I feel like she will never write a "game-changing" episode. It's all episodes that are fun and interesting but I never fully executed to their full potential and nothing major ever happens in them.

I really don't like her writing style, either.
The Kevin Bacon of writers (hee!)
Very much disagree with you TylerAustin. I personally love her episodes in Buffy and the 'Shindig' from Firefly. I also seem to be one of the few people that enjoyed BSG right up to the end when she became involved and loved what I've seen of Caprica (still waiting on a complete set to be released to see the second part.) She has also done some fantastic things for the new Torchwood.

I definitely know I should be keeping an eye on something if I Jane Espenson's name attached.

Probably the biggest disappointed Buffy writer for me is Marti Noxon, who I don't think has done anything I've been particular interested in seeing since Buffy, expect for Mad Men (Fright Night looks pretty good, but seems to be showing only in 3D.) Considering how involved she was in some of the best moments of Buffy, it is such a shame.
BSG is my favorite show from start to finish and seeing how Jane Espenson can't handle any serious situation without butchering it with humor really upset me (thus making my point she really only WROTE INDIVIDUAL EPISODES well for Buffy). I don't mind her as a "creator" but as far as a single episode writer...she blows.

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