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"I mean, have you tried not being a slayer?"
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September 09 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Then and Now. Not anything we don't already know, but interesting nonetheless.

"Rupert Gillies"?

And Amber has not co-written several books; she has written at least 4 on her own.
Angel joined the show in season 2??
Michelle Trachtenburg is also currently appearing on Weeds as a competitor-slash-romantic interest of Silas Botwin.
Wow. This is really poorly written. Forget picking it to pieces, I think we all can pretty much reduce it to dust. Here's one:

Spike "...known for his spiky blonde hair..."

Er, what? Helmet head is more like it. ;-)

And did anyone else find it slightly amusing that Xander's "life accomplishments" are basically who he dated:

"As Buffy's geeky and comedic sidekick, Xander first dated Cordelia, before moving on to Anya. He was also the only Scooby without supernatural powers."
Why is it that articles like this are so often riddled with errors? Always seems like they were written by people who had only read episode summaries or heard about the show.
uptheapples: YOu're probably right.

Dana5140: Well, yes, but she has doen *some* co-writing...then again, you know that better than ido :-).

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