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September 09 2011

Stan Lee on his Avengers cameo, and on Joss. The man praises Joss, but "questions" one small decision regarding Lee's traditional Marvel film cameo.

Stan amuses me greatly.

So glad he's loving Joss's work.

I wonder if Joss will take a page from Stan's book and do a cameo? :-)
Hearing Stan Lee's oppinion on Joss makes me even more confident for this movies' amaze-ball-ness.
I love Stan Lee's cameos in Marvel films. I am actually looking forward to them. Regarding the Joss love, I am glad and all but I never seen him be critical about any of the Marvel movies, even if they were obviously bad. (Fantastic Four anyone?) So him praising Joss doesn't mean that much to me. But seeing them in the same picture is priceless.
Joss did an audio cameo in his last movie, why not?

I think it's probably better if Stan Lee is unrecognizable. It's less likely to take you out of the moment. You should notice him, IMO. Or was that the point of the cameo?

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Maybe they can cgi in some glasses? Too silly?
Actually, I doubt the average Joe will notice either.

Still, it was a nice thought.
Most of my friends don't notice till I shout at them upon the eventual DVD release. Stan Lee is ridiculously positive about everything; the films, the games, the comics. It's insane, but one of the things he comments on above all others is the enthusiasm people have the the things. Even if the end-product isn't great, the people, most of the time, are still good. Nice to hear a bit more about Joss, of course, though! :)
ok, @onetrueb!x, is that picture from Comic Con or is Joss wearing The henley again?

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I usually recognize Stan's cameos from his voice rather than his looks.
So the shoot is wrapping soon?
It's from the shoot in NY; Lee tweeted it the other day.
The shoot already wrapped, zoinkers.
For some reason, I thought Joss was going to arrange for Stan's character to die.
That picture of Joss and Stan together is like a nerd's dream come true. How cool is it that our Joss got to direct good ol' Smilin' Stan?

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