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September 09 2011

The best comic book movies Hollywood never made. IGN includes Joss' Batman and Wonder Woman in this feature about comic book movies caught in Development Hell.

Still want to see the story Joss had planned for the Amazon Princess. Is that so wrong? Sigh. Think she would've been fabulous!

Tucking that thought away for safe keeping for now. Hey, you'll never know!
I'm quite curious too about his Wonder Woman.

As much as Joss's Batman film might of been cool.I can't wish we hadn't got Chris Nolan's Batman films.The Nolan Batman films have been home run hits IMO.Just amazing so even though I'm a Whedon fan,I'm glad it didn't work out in this one case because I love Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises.

In the end things worked out because we are getting Joss on a major superhero movie with The Avengers and this might also be the best fit for Joss and the subject matter.

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Astro City should be a major motion picture.

For those who aren't familiar, the super heroes of the world all live in one big town called Astro City (basically NYC with super heroes) and the stories are told from the dual perspective of the average citizens on the street and the heroes themselves. Great comic, should totally be a movie...or tv show on HBO.

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