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September 10 2011

Shawn Ryan lands a pilot at ABC. "Last Resort" is a thriller set in the near future. Also, there's now a petition up to get Shawn's short-lived Terriers on DVD.

I scrolled and didn't see this; forgive me, though, if I overlooked it. I'm excited about it all, though! It looks like ABC is really keen on the "Last Resort" pilot, if the deal was pushed through that quickly.
Neat comment to that article:

Iím retired military and a former missile launch officer. This sounds interesting to me.

I'm totally sold on the idea. It could be a really engaing show, and I can't think of a TV series with a premise like that at all. Very intriguing.

And it's Shawn Ryan. I loved The Shield and The Chicago Code to pieces. I will definitely give this one a chance.

Side note: I do hope Shawn hires lots of women head writers. :) Just something I wonder about when I hear about my favorite TV writers starting new shows. He is interviewed in that article and supportive of the idea, so not really too worried.

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Didn't Shawn also sell a put pilot to CBS already? He probably isn't done either.
Ok, um, not to sound stupid, but...what's the Whedon connection here? Because he worked with Tim Minear on a cancelled show? Or has he written episodes for something? Maybe we can include a "he wrote such and such episode" or "she was the costume designer for" with some of these entries, so those of us who don't know absolutely everybody connected have an idea of who they are.

(Not trying to sound bitchy or anything; I'm honestly puzzled by a lot of these posts because I don't recognize episode writers [other than The Big Ones, like Jane, Marti & the Drews] or directors or etc. I only clicked on this hoping I'd find out what connection I'm missing.)

As for the premise, it's definitely...unique. I'll have to wait until I see previews or read more details about it before I decide if it's something I might want to give a go, but for right now I'm not interested.
Plus it's hard to udnerstand why H'wood would go for this idea when the current President is one they recognize....
ShadowQuest, Shawn Ryan wrote for Angel for two years.
I know it must seem really odd. I stick to writers/actors when whedonesquing, but when I see Cynthia Bergstrom's name on a screen as the costume designer, I fist pump. She did all the costumes for Buffy. She handmade Xander's pajamas and Dawn's gown for Once More with Feeling. Or John King, who chose the music for Buffy, including Melanie Doane's I Can't Take My Eyes Off You for Tara and Willow's dance in the Bronze. I think this might make me pitiful or something. Connections can be tenuous, I know. Some things are are neat to discuss over a round of beers, but not Whedonesque worthy. I can't always gage it.

Either way, you should sign my petition because I want Terriers DVDs. (see how I slipped that in there)
ShadowQuest, I absolutely agree. I have to google the ACTORS half the time, let alone production folks (aside from the usual suspects). A simple "Joe Schmo, who played Angel's 3rd cousin..." would be MUCH appreciated.
Now that sounds... really interesting - will definitely be watching to see how this one pans out.
After working on Angel, The Shield, The Unit, Lie to Me, Terriers and Chicago Code, where he was the showrunner on almost all those shows, I'm shocked that he is not more well known or needs an introduction/explanation.

And then there is always imdb or google. So simple and so painless. :)
IrrationaliTV I guess there's just WAY too many people associated in one way or another with one or several of Joss's works for all of us to know who all of them are.

On the other hand, as a few of us have been saying here, a simple "He wrote the Angel episode" whatever in the description wouldn't kill the poster, and would let those of us unfamiliar with the person mentioned have a bloody clue. Maybe that particular episode was someone's favorite, and they'd be more inclined to check out the writer (producer, wardrobe designer) to learn more about them.

Just about everyone knows that Chris Beck did the majority of the music. Not everyone knows that Douglas Romayne handled some early Season Seven (Until Robert Duncan came on board) and Season Five of Angel. So if I were to post that he just wrote the music to Amber Benson & Adam Busch's "Count Jeff" I'd mention that he did music for Buffy.

And, believe it or not, not everyone knows all the writers for the show(s) they watch. I know Carlton Cuse created "Nash Bridges" but I couldn't tell you a single writer of an episode, unless I'd just watched it. Same goes for CSI, SVU, or anything else I watch. The only reason I know about Marti and the other "big" writers on Buffy is because they used to post to the Bronze: Beta and I had just started posting around the time they stopped. (Although I did have a few conversations w/"Ultimate" Drew Goddard.) And I'm just getting into Angel so I don't know ANY writers there.
Fyi clicking on Shawn Ryan's name in the tags section of the article posting should be more than enough to give a general idea of his relevance...
Brinderwalt, not really, since all the articles are about things he's done recently. The suggestion that we should scour imdb until we recognize a Whedon connection is absurd, as is the suggestion to plug keywords into Google to reveal the connection. Either this site is friendly to read or it is not. It sometimes leans towards "is not". But that can be easily corrected if we just remember to do what any other reporter does - provide context.
See I would have no clue who Chris Beck was and would happily look him up. Your point is of course a good one to follow as a general courtesy but certainly shouldn't be some sort of requirement.

I pay attention to writers and Ryan has been a very widely known and established showrunner for many years now although I understand how people who follow only writers from the days of the bronze (I was never there) would possibly have missed him in the last decade. :)
IrrationaliTV The Bronze:Beta still exists. You're probably thinking of the original Bronze, the threaded board run by UPN.

Joss, Jane, Drew & Drew, Marti & David Fury used to post there with some regularity. I think Rebecca Rand Kirshner did, too, but that was before I started going there (mid-season Six, which is when I first started watching reruns on FX, and then found the current season). In fact, there were times someone on the Bronze would say something, and then there was a shout-out of sorts in the following episode. Ultimate Drew teased us with zombies a lot.

As I said, I'm new to "Angel" - I only have the first three seasons on DVD and haven't seen the last two. And, other than the actors and Joss, I don't follow everything everyone associated with the shows does/has done. A lot of folks here seem to...well, for lack of a better term, "latch on" to writers or minor guest stars. And that's great - people in the industry need supporters. I just feel like I'm an idiot if I don't know who Patton Oswalt is and why it's such a big deal he wrote a comic. (Yeah, ok, I get he was in Dollhouse. But only because someone here, rather rudely, pointed that out to me last time I was confused.)

I'm not saying it should be a requirement. It'd just be nice if folks would realize not everyone follows/cares about the same things/people they do, and drop in a little "this is who this person is and their connection to Joss" in their description.

And brinderwalt I wasn't aware that the tags were clickable, thanks. However, since all of the articles that popped up were in relation to Tim Minear, I still had no clue that Shawn Ryan wrote for anything Joss-created until Allyson nicely mentioned it.
ShadowQuest: Actually, the original Bronze was hosted by the WB and had both linear and threaded sections. The UPN attempt at a board was a dismal failure, which worked to the Bronze Beta's advantage in a lot of ways.

And as the person who started the thread, I'll chime in with my thought process, which was that since Shawn wrote for "Angel" for two out of its five seasons, had a producing credit for 22 episodes, and has been a tag on this site since 2006, I figured I was safe in not going out of my way to explain things. Apologies to those left flummoxed.

I used to be a reporter, so I'm completely familiar with the idea of providing context. However, I also have little to no interest in "Firefly/Serenity" and "Dollhouse," and have had to my fair share of Googling to find out who someone is. I tend to figure if the Whedonesque admins have left the post up, then there's a Whedon connection. If I don't know what it is, I highlight the name, right-click and hit "Search Google for..."

I get where you're coming from, and I don't mean any of this to sound testy, but with a site that has this kind of traffic, I don't know if you can expect others to stop and wonder if they should explain things.

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Monique and I were both Bronzers, back in the day. I have an oddly OCDish recollection of the writers for Buffy and Angel, because we would ask who was writing the ep coming up, and discuss what expectations were based on the writer, and chew our nails if it was someone new. Tim's writing? Maximum carnage. That sort of thing. And then most of the time the writer would come into the Bronze to discuss the episode.

Good times. I'm unsure how to respond to the issue. I remember auctioning off Shawn Ryan scripts at the Caritas party we had (gosh, almost a decade ago) for quite a bit of macaroni. So in my head, as a way back old school super-obsessed Buffy/Angel fan, Shawn Ryan is as familiar a name as David Greenwalt (which isn't to say that Greenwalt wasn't the far more involved/integral producer). I think I post under the assumption that if you're posting at Whedonesque, you're likely as bananas as I am, and assume that a tagged name signals a direct association with the Whedonverse. Does this make sense? Because if I had to list every one of Tim's or Fury's credits, that would take up the page.
In addition, this is a site dedicated to a writer, yeah? I've always noticed a common thread at Whedonesque where the writers are treated as the gods they are.

Maybe Whedonesque is meant more for the hardcore fan and less for the more general fan?
In that case, Allyson, it's probably best I stop coming here.
I never recommend the flounce.
Whedonesque is meant for fans of the Whedonverse. Be inclusive.
I don't recommend people fighting here, snark and wanting to leave. It produces an unpleasant atmosphere. I don't know why this taken off big style but I'd rather not see people taking pot shots.

As for Shawn, I thought there was enough front page entries about him for people to know he worked on Angel. But he's never been a writer that has been associated with the Whedonverse in the fan hive mind so if it's not clear to some fans then that's understandable. So it would do no harm to mention something like Shawn Ryan (who worked on Angel) if he's worthy of a front page entry in future.
I like the premise and I like what I've seen of Ryan's work, so I'm looking forward to this.
Brinderwalt, not really, since all the articles are about things he's done recently.

The 5th article description down clearly states he was a writer on Angel - it's not much, but it's something. :(

And if it had been me I probably would've verified the Whedon link (especially since I was also not aware of it in this case either despite knowing of Shawn Ryan from other things.) Imo there's no harm in erring on the side of giving a little too much information.

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This premise in Ryan's hands sounds great to me.

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