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September 10 2011

(SPOILER) Dark Horse solicitations for December 2011. Releases of BtVS #4 and Angel & Faith #5. Interesting month...

Also, "The Guild: Zaboo" one-shot. :)
The Buffy and Angel & Faith covers look as cool in digital form as they did when Scott showed them to me a month ago. So excited... and Buffy's new friend's name is Severin? Intentional Harry Potter-ish reference?

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Buffy's new friend is cute. :-)

And a full issue of Phil Noto's art? Yay!
Sounds like a good month in the books.
Never an average name in the Buffyverse ;)
Maybe Severin's a reference to the character in Shortbus (doubtful). I'd be kind of impressed. Hell, it's the only time I've ever seen the name before.

Also, 'new kind of vamp threat'? Hm...and oo, pretty Spike.
Love the British-invasion Harmony cover.

Still no Jo Chen means a still sad me, but the covers are improving so I'm not as bitter...which is not to say I'm not still very bitter (Ok, I'm biased. I know. Her work is gorgeous, she's adorable, and she's very sweet. So sue me).
@Brierly: According to Jeanty, he kinda based the guy on James McAvoy, hence the dreaminess.

@trunks: I thought of the Shortbus character too, but I think whatever similarity between these two characters will be purely nominal. :)

ETA: Christos Gage mentioned in a tweet that the title of the A&F book will be "In Perfect Harmony". Which continues the trend of using Harmony's name in eps/books in which she features prominently.

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Severin -- can't help it, reminds me of Severus, which is kind of interesting, if it was really related.

Did Spike get new boots? I don't remember the buckles.
Love the covers, but is it just me or do Spike's lips look weird? Also, I bet he's totally evil. (Severin, not Spike.)

ETA: I haven't had time to cross-reference but is Severin the same guy revealed in S8 #40?
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May be giving A&F a miss that month.Not a Harmony or Clem fan lol
Words can't describe how happy I am that Angel and Harmony are meeting again. Harmony's character arc in Season 5, while subtle, was one of my favorites.
@wenxina, weird, I don't find James McAvoy dreamy atall.
@Brierly: To each their own, I guess. :)
I wonder if Buffy's crime-fighting friend will give Joss the chance to write his Buffy/Batman crossover story. May sparks fly.
Aw, you guys brought up Shortbus. One of my favorite films. :)
All these covers are pretty great.
The Rebekah Isaacs is beautiful and hilarious, my favourite this round.
I really like Steve Morris' Buffy cover it's really intriguing. His Angel and Faith one is great only downside is Harmony looks a little weird.
And I Love The Jeanty one, the action shot of Spike is lots of fun.
And I like Jeanty's variant for the Zaboo one-shot. It's way better than the main cover.

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I hope Harmony dies in that issue. She annoys me so much. And Clem too. But I am looking forward to the two celeb vamps getting together. Could be silly and awkward. I've wanted that since Angel got famous and I wondered how the two seperate "vamps get famous" storylines would work. Maybe Harm will try to get Angel in a TV project with her?

But then I want her dusted.
Well. Buffy does have a weakness for a keen fashion sense, doesn't she.
Love the Steve Morris Buffy cover.

I haven't been liking the issue descriptions on the Buffy comics so far, which all read like "Buffy is doing something interesting! Everyone else isn't!!!", so hopefully the actual story isn't like that.
@Skytte - I don't think the general public remembers Angel as a hero any more. Only Angel and his gang remember Hell-A, so I assume his fame has also disappeared. Of course, assuming that the production of "Last Angel in Hell" is actually canon, Angel may still be a legend.
Neat. The Phil Noto thing. And if Harmony will be dusted hope it will be in Buffy #5 (I don't know why but I remember #5 being the first cross-over between the titles)
No Harmony dusting please!
"Did Spike get new boots? I don't remember the buckles."

Hann23 Jeantys been drawing him wearing those for some time now. Methinks he's been looking at promos for Torchwood season 2 for ideas as they're identical to the ones Captain John Hart wore. Also played by JM of course. *g*
There is no need to kill off Harmony. She's a fun character who only appears every so often and not for very long. I always thought it was cool to see one of the high school kids "born again" as a vampire. And her appearance on Angel Season 5 was one of the highlights of a very sad, Cordelia-less season.

You may be right, but I cant still imagine Harmony saying "Cooome on. You're a one hit wonder, and my career needs a boost. I'd be hot. We could bite EACH OTHER! OMG, I never thought of that before. I wonder if it hurts."

I hate Harmony, but that'd be hilarious.

I also want to see the public fidning out the trutch about vampires and turning against them, and Harmony desperately trying to convince people it's all lies on a tv show, but being killed by the audience who burns her on a stake. Or something less dramatic. I think it'd give me the same sense of satisfaction as when I saw Warren die. That was glorious.
1. I like Harmony. She is funny and likable. Dusting her would be a waste of a good character. Not that that would stop Joss from killing her.

2. Maybe "Last Angel in Hell" still exists, but no one thinks it is based on a true story any more. It's just a movie. Of course probably some would think it was true, but that would just be fodder for discussion on the fan boards.

3. I like the new boots that Spike stole from Captain John. Or maybe they were a gift! ;) Maybe they met up and worked together when Spike was flying around on his ship!
Maybe they were an after shag gift. *g*
Could be. Maybe Spike got some leftover glowhypnol on him, and Captain John looked way better than bug one. I may be confused on the timeline though. ;)
aw, what's with all the Harmony hate?
And Spike totally met Captain John. He's the Immortal, don't you know? Well, in a (great) fanfic. But it's perfect.
That would be Capt Jack though, wouldn't it? :0
indeed, my bad :)

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