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January 16 2004

(SPOILER) Soul Purpose and You're Welcome Promo Photos. New promos photos of both Soul Purpose and You're Welcome have been posted at

Awesome Lindsey photo.

hmm..thats exactly how Charisma looked at the 100th episode party..outfit, hair, everything. Did they have the party straight after a scene was shot or something?
Thanks for that link. It gives me a nice happy feeling to see Cordelia once more.
Yes, the party was on-set after filming. Christian still had his tattoos painted on at the party as well.
Thanks for clearing that up. :)
Love the photo of Spike, Cordy, and Angel and the fact that Cordy was wielding a sword always good to see.

Only thing, since he's corporial now can we get the guy some new clothes or something at least re-introduce the open shirt (red, blue, purple, whatever)layer again just to break-up that whole black on black thing that just isn't working to well. Up until season 7 on Buffy he normally layered the look which broke it up enough and looked better - he seems short and broad without that other shirt - I think he should take one of Angel's, Wes, or Gunn's shirts but keep him away from Lornes closet. :)

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I enjoyed seeing Director Boreanaz wearing geeky glasses (much like my own). But what was with the laser light show in the first coupla pics? Guess we'll have to wait and see.
I really wish Spike get's back his red shirt look. He was the Big Bad and totaly looked awesome in the black and red. That's what they need to do. Make Spike bad again. All he has to do is get invaded by some evil entity in his body and we're set.
The laser lights show are meant to be a security system that they have to go through in Ep 12
Ah, garda39, that makes sense now. Hadn't had my morning cup of coffee yet when I first looked at the pics.

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