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September 12 2011

Julie Benz interview on the Investigating Angel podcast. Audio interview with Julie Benz where she talks about her work on Buffy and Angel.

I listened to the Tim Minear interview, but not the remaining podcasts so far. Reason being, the descriptions for each podcast are so unappealing.

If I love the series, why would I want to listen to podcasts that, according to the descriptions, more or less just trash it?

Is it a case of those descriptions giving off the wrong impression? I ask because they are very off-putting and make me not want to listen.
I'm not involved with the Investigating Angel podcast myself but I am a listener of their podcast. I greatly enjoy it and I can tell you that they do NOT trash the episodes or the series. As a matter of fact they are big fans of both the Angel series and the Buffy series since they also do the Hellmouth podcast which is all about Buffy.

Out of curiosity what is it that makes the descriptions so "unappealing" or how could they make them better? As a fellow podcaster I'm always interested in hearing what people think about things like this. Thanks.
I didn't even know about this podcast. Interesting, especially since I've been getting bored. with some of the other podcasts that I listen to. Nice to have something new to try

I was reading the descriptions for each one, and I see things like:

"This podcast is a week behind schedule because it took me a little extra time to find something nice to say about this episode. It’s going to hurt a little bit but here is the podcast"

"Join Angie and Bryan as they explore their deepest emotions about this episode. Hopefully Bryan can be a rainbow instead of a pain-bow this week."

"talk about Doyle’s self hatred, Cordelia’s growth as a character and how annoying everyone else is"

"even if we trash a bunch of things in the podcast it was a great, great episode"

"We had a lot of fun recording in spite of Bryan continuing his role as the downer of the podcast and Angie’s suggestive comments slipping in"

"It seems that whenever I am doing the podcast for an episode that I was not a big fan of then the podcast goes in some kind of weird direction. This podcast is no exception. Hopefully you will find it somewhat entertaining."

Now obviously as I said I've not listened to them based on what I've now quoted. People will choose to listen to a podcast, or buy a DVD or whatever, based on a description and whether it sounds appealing to them. Honestly if I were someone who didn't like "Angel", I'd feel more inclined to listen instead of someone who does like it, again based only on what is said about each one. They don't sound very welcoming to someone who loves the show.

Of course this is one small opinion from one fan. If the masses like it, more power to them. Maybe it's just not for this particular fan, I don't know.
@NL197 Thanks very much for the comments! Always helpful to hear what things catch someone's eye when they are looking at posts on a website or podcast. Take care.
Wow, this is an interesting site...I liked the TIm Minear interview. Very candid! Did I miss a discussion on that one? Is that the first confirmation that Glen Quinn's personal issues were a large influence on Doyle being killed?
I really enjoyed that Tim Minear interview as well, and while Joss Whedon never seemed to have much to say about Glenn Quinn either way, and David Fury has made hints over the years about Quinn's issues, Minear was really the first to lay it all out plainly like that. I'm very glad he did because it put to rest so much speculation that had grown over the years.

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