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September 12 2011

Big week for Whedon alums in talk-shows, SMG is on tonight's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Nathan Fillion is on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live and Tony Head will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Friday, September 16th.

Finally! I've been wanting those two crazy kids to be reunited for years now! (Well, ever since Craig got his show.) Brad and Frank, together again...

I just know Tony's going to be giggling most of the night. I just hope Craig doesn't do a lot of stupid, embarrassing stuff; I stopped watching him some time ago because of all the annoying (imo) things he started doing, like the talking skeleton and the lame gay jokes. I loved him when he first started because he didn't do all the lame stunts that everyone else did. He came out, did his monologue, then had his guests come out.

Oh well. I'll watch for Tony's sake.
Oh thank you Numfar PTB, I really appreciate the information (and now my DVR is set to record all three!). I love seeing my favorite actors on talk shows.
Let's just say you probably won't be happy when you tune into Craig Ferguson, ShadowQuest. The skeleton is still there as are the puppets, the tweets, the e-mails and all the juvenile humor.

Personally, I love Craig. He's the King of Late Night in my house! Definitely looking forward to Anthony Head's appearance!
Like everyone else, ShadowQuest? Craig's puppets, skeletons and such are the exact opposite of everyone else, intentionally so. Before every interview he rips up his prepared cards - tearing down the facade of an interview, and just turns it into a conversation instead. The Anti-'Late Night' Late Night Show. Love!

Anyway, for that interview I recommend keeping an eye on this channel. It hasn't been uploaded yet. Nathan's interview is here. (Sarah's is in the headline linked site). :)
The Taboo game that Sarah plays is very funny, check it out on the site too.

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