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September 12 2011

Inara Serra voted as the second "Most Fashionable SFF Icon". She was just behind The Doctor in Tor's recent poll.

Morena Baccarin is quite a lovely woman and she did always look amazing on Firefly. I spoke to someone very recently who looked a lot like her, but with her short hair cut from V. It was hard to keep speaking to her without blurting out, "Marry me!" LOL
Okay I'm not going to argue about The Doctor, Inara (of course SHE is a fashion icon), Anyone in LotR, or even Dracula.... but Harry Dresden? Most of the time he is wearing torn and/or burn clothes that he has been wearing for days on end.... (now that cute vampire brother of his, Thomas, he knows how to dress!).
I would have thought Spike deserved mention in the long coat category.

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