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September 12 2011

TV Pilots That Are as Good as Most Summer Movies. Including two Whedon works and at least one additional entry with whedony notoriety.

I think 90% if that list could be connected to Whedon in one way or another! Good list, though. I feel like I should re-watch a lot of those.
Too many clips on there for my computer to handle. Out of curiosity, are the pilot videos provided different from the finished product? For example, if I have seen Firefly, Alias, Fringe, Dark Angel, Walking Dead, etc. then is there anything new?

From what I saw of the list, I agree that it was a good one.
For some reason, I interpreted the headline to mean tv pilots for this season and so was a teensy bit disappointed to find that it was a list of previously aired shows. I got a little too excited there for a moment. ;-)
It still hurts thinking about the original Dollhouse Pilot. SOOOO freaking good.
As much as I love Firefly and Dollhouse. BSG is my favorite pilot of all time. first time through the series, I think I watched the pilot like three times before I moved on. I was always disappointed the pilot of Colonial One was never showed again
"one additional entry with whedony notoriety. "

I'd like to be sure i understand your periphrasis Brinderwalt, you're talking about Summer Glau in TSCC right?

Nice to see the original Dollhouse pilot getting acknowledged. Great choices all around. I still remember my whole family getting together to watch the Lost pilot.
I like the list, but feel it misses some essentials. I would definitely include The Sopranos and Studio 60 as having great pilots. I would also go with the opening episode of season 1 BSG over the mini-series everytime.

Speaking of which, I also really like the Caprica pilot, although I fear I am alone in that. Perhaps going in without knowing anything about it, besides being a prequel helped, but all the twists and turns really came as a surprise.
And as great as the Firefly pilot was, Fox decided, in their infinite wisdom, not to air it first.
Most of the pilots on this list aren't really my type of pilot, though Twin Peaks' certainly was good. Suppose my favorite (outside the Whedonverse) would be Six Feet Under's pilot. Or maybe the pilot of The West Wing (if only for president Bartlet's introduction). Oh, and as Vandelay pointed out the Studio 60 pilot also was very good.
Original Dollhouse pilot is just so good it made me angry.

I'd have added the pilots for ER & My So-Called Life.
It's always lovely to see Studio 60 get its VERY well deserved love. Glad people in here remember it. It's the saddest unfair cancellation I've ever witnessed.

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