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September 13 2011

(SPOILER) Sneak peak at Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to All My Children. AOL TV has the video. Spoilers regarding what her role will entail.

Sarah's former character Kendall has a son named Spike. How's that for meta??
IIRC, that was an intentional nod.

Why go back to AMC and not be Kendall? It would've been better had they just let her go back and be her for a day, and maybe utter something like, "ugh, I'm just not myself today..." or the like. Instead she just pops up in a bizarre cameo? Lame.
^^ SMG has said Kendall is Alicia Minshew's role now. It wouldn't be fair for Alicia to step out of the role for a day so SMG could step back in.
It's just for a day. I think it would be funny.

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