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September 13 2011

The genesis of Jane Espenson's new project, 'Husbands'. She, and the show's other co-creator, provide insights and quotes leading up to tonight's premiere.

As if I wasn't already excited enough for this project. Cheeks tweeted ealier that a certain Captain Tightpants will be featured in the series too.
Went to the LA premiere of this the other night. We watched three of the 11 episodes, and it looks really really good. Jane has done a fantastic job, and I think Cheeks is gonna be the breakout star of this thing. I guess he's already semi-famous online? But I didn't know him beforehand, and he's really fantastic.
I wasn't aware of Cheeks before either. But I was impressed by what I read of him, and also that he was dedicated enough to post so often in the comments section of that article. It's great when creators can make the time to converse with the fans (though of course understandable that they often can't).

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