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September 14 2011

Watch the first episode of Jane Espenson's 'Husbands'. It's a brand new web comedy about same-sex marriage.

Great fun! Can't wait for the next one.
single-sex marriage

Or same-sex marriage, as the kids are calling it these days ;)
I thought that wasn't the funniest thing I've ever seen, but still quite fun. I'm curious to see how the full pilot will turn out.

This is not for everyone though. If this was the day of Will and Grace, they would be criticising the series for showing "stereotypical" gays.
I don't like the "stereotypical" gay guy, and the actor doesn't help either. I like the other husband better. We don't know much about the girl friend but she was too annoying in the teaser, so my hopes are not up. I liked the line "I look like someone who has work done to look like me". It was too short and i wanted to see more, so that's a good thing. But overall, i expected something better.
Oof. This "sterotypical" gay man thing bites.

I am a gay man who "passes". Yay me.

Some gay men are effeminate and camp. Go them I say.

I had no idea there was a rulebook. With all due respect, if you think there is such a thing as a stereotypical gay man maybe you need to rethink your stereotypical thoughts. I personally don't want anyone being forced back into the closet for being themselves.

With regards to the show I adored it. IMHO it was cute and funny.

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Eh, I know two gay men who are quite a bit like Cheeks, both in this series and in his YouTube clips. One of them could actually be his UK doppelgänger. Of course, I know more gay men who aren't like Cheeks at all, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Also, the 'stereotypical' gay guy actually wrote huge chunks of the script, so I guess he gets to develop the character in whatever direction he chooses.

I thought it was sweet and it made me laugh, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

ETA this quote from the Jane/Cheeks interview posted here recently:

Brady has to be the antithesis of Cheeks, not just because it’s a funny dynamic, but because I know that that kind of man exists. The only thing that ‘makes you gay’ is if you’re exclusively having sex with members of the same sex. Everything else is up to you. But there is sort of a culture in the gay community built around ’You don’t look like me, or dress like me, you’re not the right kind of gay. You don’t fit in here!’ And that’s terrible! It’s terrible to discriminate against boys that aren’t doing the club thing and it’s also terrible to discriminate against boys who are. And I wanted to have that unity in the script, and I wanted to have both sides represented. There are gay guys like this, and there are gay guys like that, and it takes all kinds.

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Just for the record, the only thing I was saying in my earlier comment was that I could kind of see the criticism of Cheeks's character coming. I appear to have been right.
"Ugh, I look like someone who's had work done to look like me." :D
So much fun! Already loving the characters and have known them less than 120 seconds. Jane Espenson knows the chemical formula for distilling the essence of comedy.
In my country, Turkey, gay men on TV or on any kind of media always look like Cheeks. So in my mind, gay men like Cheeks became the stereotype because that's all i see around me. I don't live in a culture where a man that can "pass" actually tells that he is gay. There are no celebs here that can "pass" but known to be gay anyway. So forgive my comments on Cheeks being too stereotypical. I guess in the US, he is not; and around the world, he shouldn't be seen as one.

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"You have batting rehearsal?" Hee.
my only complaint is it was too short! Why isn't this on tv, btw?
@ under rug swept That was such a sweet apology. And it is interesting to learn about the gay community arond the world.

Funnily enough I had a brief exchange on Twitter last night with Cheeks, which says a lot about his attentiveness to fans, regarding the subject.

He posted a link with some comments from within the U.S. gay community, and as demonstrated within Jane Espenson's comments, as posted by Ildeth, there are a lot of judgemental people within that community.

It seems a shame that "we" allow ourselves to think that there is only one way to be a man. The feminist community has been plagued by a similar notion for years. IMHO part of this is an asinine desire to fit in. (Fit in to what? A really teeny view of the world? How bland do "they" want the world to be?) And some of it is caused by the damage caused from being hated. (Almost an admition of "yes, you're right I AM wrong, but not as wrong as THOSE people, so can't you please hate THEM instead of ME.")

I wish as a community we would remember that our banner is the rainbow flag and truly think about what that means. There are plenty of masculine gay men represented in film and on television. "Brokeback Mountain" and "Oz" spring immediately to mind. "Torchwood" has Captain Jack Harkness, who may be outrageous, but could not really be called fey.

Anyhoo, I'm getting ranty and I feel the best way to respect the show, and it's creators, is to thank them for all their hard work and enjoy, or not if it's not your bag, the product of their endeavours.

And hey, just an ickle reminder, part two is out today. Bring it.

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