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September 14 2011

(SPOILER) Dollhouse: Epitaphs #3 comes out today. If you haven't been reading the mini-series, you're missing out. Geeks of Doom gave the issue 4 1/2 stars out of 5 in their review.

I don't know, I just don't feel connected to this comic book the way I do Buffy Season 9 and Angel and Faith. Alpha and Ivy don't work as lead characters. Kind of not much has happened over the past three issues, except at least now we have the return of Paul.
I have not been able to peg what it is, but the comic's missing something. It's been playing to me sort of like it's all at arm's length. The stuff with Ivy is the cleverest bit of playing with some weird logical inevitabilities of imprinting, but when it comes to the main storyline(s)/characters it sort of feels like the comics are signifying what you're supposed to feel about them but not actually making me feel those things about them.
^^ Yes, I agree with this. Although I like the Ivy bits, I think I would enjoy this story more if it focused mainly on Mag, Zone and Griff.
Personally I'm feeling pretty upset, didn't you guys notice (it is all so unfair). Paul Ballard ruins everything.
^^ Is this a joke post? Have you not seen Epitaph Two? Am I missing something?
Yeah, that did not happen.
This is good, taking left turns when I expect rights. I like it. Also, they ran my letter in the back so I am happy. And I don't think Alpha is dead embers, I think he's just knocked out. I love Ballard, strongly identify with him, but he look fugly drawn in comics. If they didn't call him by name I would have been confused.

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And I don't think Alpha is dead embers, I think he's just knocked out.

He can't be dead unless they are abandoning "Epitaph Two", as nudged by Brierly above.
The Ivy sex stuff and Alpha killing people are all believable but Ballard showing a sense of humor? I just don't know.

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