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September 14 2011

Nathan Fillion voted Favorite Actor in Tubey Awards. He was nominated for his role in Castle.

Television Without Pity has published the results of the Tubey Awards and Nathan Fillion won the Favorite Actor category for his role in Castle.
Castle also won both Best Pop Culture Reference and Best "Hell Yeah" Moment for the Halloween episode "Vampire Weekend" in which Castle dressed up as Captain Mal Reynolds.
Summer Glau won the Supporting Actor/Actress Most Deserving of a Starring Role and Best Sidekick Awards for her role in The Cape.

Umm...I think you're mixing up gender tenses, chris66......are you sure it should be he was nominated for her role in Castle? I think there needs to be a small tweak there ;D
Or, Chris has just blown the best kept secret in Hollyweird.
I didn't realize all the hate for Zooey on HIMYM. I don't like her all that much, but I didn't know she was so hated.
Also, NPH (with Hugh Jackman) won the best musical moment, scripted or reality. (And I completely agree!)
Not sure how I feel about "Summer Glau narrowly edged out Supernatural's Misha Collins. Frankly, they both deserve bigger roles on better shows"

I thought Supernatural was a pretty good show. :(

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