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September 14 2011

Ratings for SMG's "Ringer" are in! It scored a 1.2 Adults 18-49 demo, and 2.7 million viewers. In comparison, the cancelled Hellcats scored the same demo, and 300,000 more viewers last year. But as TV Line points out "it did open strong, giving The CW its largest audience in the Tuesdays-at-9 time slot in more than three years."

Hopefully it retains some of the audience next week.

I suspect next week we'll see a steep drop.
Ouch. Despite the spin and not being too bad for the CW I was expecting higher for the pilot ep.
I don't know why people were expecting bigger ratings. Its on the CW and it stars someone who has never been that big of a name in Hollywood. But it is on the CW so it'll probably last at least 3 seasons.
Well, this number is good. But we'll see how many people will actually stick with the show next week when the other shows return. Last night was mostly reruns in that time slot.
These are decent ratings for the CW. We'll have a better idea next week.
Next week it will be up against new episodes of Dancing with the Stars, NCIS, The Biggest Loser and The New Girl. That is crushing competition. If Ringer can hold a 1.0 in the demo it will be a rock star. I don't think it will.
Respectable ratings for The CW, but doesn't necessarily mean stellar things for Ringer, especially when the rest of the fall season starts up.
"Crushing competition"? I don't think the people who watch Dancing With the Stars, NCIS or The Biggest Loser are the type of people who'd watch Ringer.
I loved the show and am excited for next week.
Compared to last Season's CW Series debuts this is average, but nothing to indicate especially strong ratings. Same goes for the W18-34. But of course much depends on how it holds up in the following weeks against increased competition, as well as the competition on it's own Network. It's a long time yet until the renewal and cancelation decisions are made.

Btw, as the article says these numbers are preliminary and could still change in an hour or two when the final ratings are released.
Brierly, all those shows (except The New Girl which is new) get crazy numbers. Even if it isn't the exact same demo the sheer numbers will steal from the CW audience. I'm very concerned about The New Girl with it's very strong Glee lead in and very strong media campaign. Exact same young woman demo as CW usually gets (and gets paid for).

I am basing this on purely a numbers game though and am not considering whether the show will also suffer because of all the negative press about Ringer and what will be largely negative word of mouth. It'll be a shame if it gets hurt too badly because I also want to see where this show goes. I'm along for the ride for at least another 3 episodes. If it lasts that long.
It's an expensive show for The CW so I'd imagine they will stick by it for a while regardless. That said, I checked out the pilot. SMG brings it, but the script and plot didn't. So I'll be snuggling The New Girl next week.
I don't know why people were expecting bigger ratings. Its on the CW and it stars someone who has never been that big of a name in Hollywood. But it is on the CW so it'll probably last at least 3 seasons.

I didn't expect massive ratings but I did think it would do a little better in the demo and at least 3 mill viewers because the show was so heavily promoted and they debuted it a week early to avoid the heaviest competition. This is not even what the Nikita or Hellcats pilots did last season. It by no means tanked but it disappointed. Though as always episodes 2&3 will probably determine the trend. The CW won't give up on this easily though, whatever happens.
I didn't even know it was premiering last night!
I liked it, thought it started off slow and got better as the show went on. It did feel like a low budget production, though, so I'm surprised to hear it's an expensive show for the CW. I think it would have been better if it had been a two-parter because it felt rushed at times.
It seemed a little rushed to me as well, but overall I enjoyed it and look forward to see where the series goes.

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I agree about the low-budgetness. Shows like Supernatural can get away with the cheap looking sets, as it's supposed to have a rugged quality to it. Given the life that Siobhan and now Bridget has to lead, the sets shouldn't look glaringly cheap.
I'm going to say something heretical: HELLCATS was a better show than RINGER. At least based on only the first episodes of each. Not saying that HELLCATS was a great show, but it wasn't a bad one. I was really disappointed with RINGER and the few people I talked to who saw it also said they were really disappointed. I don't think the word of mouth is very good about the show and I think it is going to be hard for the show to keep acceptable numbers

Now, that said, the business model for the CW has long been to keep shows on the air at a loss with an eye to making it up when they go to syndication. So in this case it will probably depend on what kind of deal CBS has struck with the CW.
I'll sound the dissenting note which was that at 35 minutes I found myself checking my watch to see how much longer until it was done.

The show looked low budget and the dialog was, well, not written by any Whedon alumni. SMG did a pretty good job with what she had to work with, though, and the tension between she and faux-hubby was well played. Some of the characters and situations were pretty stock Hollywood but I did like the twist near the end (the name on the back of the photo in the attacker's pocket). That sort of thing could give the show some legs to run on. It got me interested in seeing next week's episode- although it does telegraph the punch that someone isn't dead)- so that's good.

Lots of shows start slow and take a while to find their feet. Hopefully that's the case here and that the audience will stick with it while things develop. This one needs a bit of script doctoring to bring the dialog up to the standards Buffy fans are used to (which is a tall order), but I hope that the scripting will come along.

They also managed some visual and audio Buffy homages in the opening sequence which I smiled at. A nice little "hello" for SMG's fans.
Just finished watching. I don't know if it's just the fan in me (I did squeal once or twice with fannish glee thinking "it's Buffy!"), but I liked it. More importantly, I really want to know where it goes. So, hopefully, it'll stay on a while.
Another Whedon alum is also in "Ringer": Kristoffer Polaha, who plays the best friend's husband, was Dylan in the "Billy" episode of "Angel" and Nate Jordan in the "Instinct" episode of "Dollhouse" (according to IMDB - I thought that guy looked familiar ...).
I'm going to say something heretical: HELLCATS was a better show than RINGER.

Some of the following is spoilery

I firmly agree with this. Hellcats was intelligently written (mostly) and I was sad that it didn't continue. It's a pilot of course, and pilots are not always great, but, Ringer is, unfortunately, a study in cliche. I related the pilot episode to a friend in Australia yesterday and she was laughing hysterically by the time I got to "and, of course, the sister is still alive".

It's like someone took "Soap Opera Writing for Dummies" and just copied out the possible problems that could befall a heroine during the course of a year and put them ALL into the pilot. Twin sister - check. Dead child - check. Pregnant by best friend's husband - check. On the outs with own husband - check. etc. etc. It's too bad. SMG deserves better material to work with than she got at 15 on All My Children. Maybe, though, it's her. Maybe she's just not very good at picking projects? I don't know, but I expect cancellation in under 8 eps.

I, too, have an appointment with Ms. Deschanel next Tuesday.
I am not from the US, so I don't count, but I'd stick with Ringer. Zooey Deschanel's show is no better. Zooey is cute as always but it's too much Zoey cuteness in 22 minutes. And other parts of the show is just not that funny. Only other character I thought was funny was damon wayans jr.'s and he had to leave the show due to his great comedy "Happy Endings" being still on.
I enjoyed Ringer. Too early to say if I will stick with it, but I will definitely give it a few more episodes. It is a bit over the top and soapy, and sometimes I get bored with that after a while, so we'll see.
I enjoyed Ringer and @Brierly I also watch NCIS, both of them, so don't know what liking one has to do with the other. I don't watch anything live, every thing is DVR for me. The guy that played the lover, sorry don't even know his name, was not impressive to me, kind of wooden acting. Yes it was very soapy, even had a friend make that comment to me, but unless both my dual tuner DVRs get full of other things in that time slot, I will stay with Ringer. Never a big SMG fan, only watched Buffy because of Angelus & Spike.
I think for me, there wasn't a whole lot of surprise since it was mostly setting up what we've all mostly heard about... which was still very rushed and needed to be done in two episodes... I described it as choppy. The pregnancy did surprise and disappoint me, as I went 'that's not noir-ish, that's soap-y!' but then was delighted that it gave Bridgette an out from drinking. I expect it will improve. I hope so, I really want to love this, and I love the cast. Can't wait for Jason Dohring to join up!

I'm with under rug swept, the pilot of New Girl was quite disappointing, but I expect it to get better too. At least hope it will I guess... Loved Damon Wayans Jr, and hated the character played by... well Deputy Leo from Veronica Mars, who I was fully expecting to love.
I thought it was so-so, but it was nice to see SMG on screen again. One note: seriously? that green-screen on the boat made it to live air? Someone should be turned into a vamp, then shot, stuffed in a bag, fired, put in a coffin and thrown overboard to ponder what they've done from the bottom of the ocean.
Just out of curiosity, how are people seeing pilots of New Girl when it doesn't even air until next week in the US? Did it start earlier elsewhere?
It is already up on Comcast On Demand, that's how I saw it.
Among CW's shows last night,

H8R had a 0.6 A18-49
ANTM had a 0.9 A18-49

H8R was an unknown commodity, but ANTM has historically been one of the stronger shows. It's still very very early, but these comparisons reflect well on Ringer.
Risch22 those numbers inform as to revenue earned by the CW but you have to remember that Ringer probably costs 3 times as much as ANTM and 5 times as much as H8R. Just some added perspective.
@ IrrationaliTV,

That may be true, but my understanding is that the CW loses money on all of it's shows anyway. My understanding is that they are subsidized by their parent Networks partially because of the money that is earned after the initial broadcasts, i.e. in non-U.S. markets, on DVD, BR, Downloads, etc. We can't know all of those numbers or the revenue that they bring, so I think that all that we can accurately look to is the ratings, which usually do seem a fair barometer of the renewal and cancelation prospects of each Network's shows.
CW is a network without a production arm. If they lost money on all their shows they wouldn't exist. It may be a joint venture but it isn't a non profit or a charity. CBS and Warner Bros wouldn't prop up a network that was in the red. They would sell it. Ringer needs to maintain at least a 1.0 to even begin to survive past the original order.
If the CW lost money on every show but CBS & WB made more money in other ways on those shows then that's a valid reason to keep the CW going. Again, that is only my understanding based on what I've heard from people who seem more informed about the specifics than I am.

I do know for a fact that very few shows on the Network last year maintained above a 1.0, so if that is the minimum requirement, then it seems a steep one.
It wasn't good, IMO. At all. I was laughing at scenes not intended to be funny and confused at parts that should have been simple to follow. This will be a pity watching until it's cancelled or until next week, whichever is easier.
Risch22, I'm not going to argue with you about the TV biz (which I work in). If you think the CW can lose money on all it's shows and still be viable then I'm not going to burst your bubble.
I don't have a "bubble" IrrationaliTV. If you have heard differently then I am more than willing to listen. I know people in the TV industry too, and it was from one of them that I heard this. If they were mistaken then it doesn't reflect poorly on me.
The writing was just so wooden. As much as I want to root for SMG, I think I'll give it about one more episode. Too much other new stuff to watch...
I thought tonight's was... better. The writing still ain't so hot, and as b!X has pointed out on twitter, the CW's unrelenting insertion of distracting-yet-no-doubt-marketable music is annoying - but tonight was enough better to give it a watch next week to see if it gets better yet again. It is pretty soapy, but seeing tender SMG is always moving, and she was given a little more variety to play tonight, so that was an improvement, too.

I dunno - SMG deserves better, I think. As do we, the viewing public.

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