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September 14 2011

Sarah Paulson to appear on FX's 'American Horror Story'. She will have a 4 episode arc.

Sarah appeared in 'Serenity' as Dr. Caron.

She's lovely! And Tim Minear is also attached this show right? Should be good. Though I'm not a big fan of the horror genre in general I think I'll try this one out.
Yup, Tim Minear and Connie Britton are what's pulling me into this thing. I've heard disappointing things about the pilot, but I'm on board nonetheless.
Sarah Paulson hits it out of the park, if that's what you do while homerunning hard. Not so good with sports metaphors. She rocks.
Looking forward to this from some buzz I've heard. Plus Paulson, Britton, Minear - sweet!

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