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September 14 2011

A question and answer regarding Joss and Toy Story. A Pixar camera artist gives his recollections on Joss and his work on Toy Story .

It starts with:
My recollection:

After the two writers Disney hired, who I will not name, had done all the damage they could to the script, we managed to get rid of them and get Joss to come in to do a draft. If you had just read the script for Buffy the Vampire Slayer you'd have hired him, too.

Also, other Quora "Whedon World" questions and answers can be found here.

Looking around that site I found a "Why are so many movies/shows bad" question where someone listed the different types of writer in Hollywood.

Number six was "The Cynical Savvy Talented Bastard - Then there are the super-talented folk who somehow get lucky, get past the cruft, and make something so amazing it gets enough attention that the bosses won't screw with it. Or they have a base of support to help tell the people above to go to hell. Or they've been in the business long enough that they can intimidate the alpha dogs into not messing with them. Or they add stuff they don't want just so the alpha dogs have something to remove. Or they take it to HBO where creativity is encouraged.

Examples: Joss Whedon, Matt Parker and Trey Stone, Rachel Maddow, Shirley Chisholm, Aaron Sorkin, Paul Wellstone, Jonathan Franzen, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain Circa 2000, George Lucas Circa 1977. JK Rowling, Matt Groening. Terry Gilliam. Steven Spielberg 50% of the time. Obama on a good day. or Harper Lee.

That's not bad company.
I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that Joss invented Rex.
I love any tidbit about Joss's work on Toy Story. That was my favorite movie FOREVER when I was a kid, and it made me so happy to find out that I had been a Joss fan since childhood without realizing it.
I feel like there's no way "You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity" is not a Joss-ism.
For you Toy Story fans: you should read the other postings by Craig Good (the author of this Quora posting). He answers a quite a few Toy Story and Pixar questions (and mentions Joss again), including how Toy Story was created.

I also enjoyed his answer to the question: Considering how difficult it is to "make it" as a screenwriter, why are there so many terrible movies and television shows?

1. Making movies is hard. Really, really hard. The more I learn about making them, the more amazed I am that any get made at all, let alone that any of them are any good.

2. 90% of anything is crap. There are always more bad movies than good ones (see #1) and there always have been. With time we forget the dross and remember the hits. This biases our perception and leads us to think quality is always going down. It isn't.

3. Random events clump. Great movies are random events. So, mathematically, there will be some years with several and many years with few to none. This explains "golden years" of cinema as well as anything else does.

4. You have to do a lot of good writing in order to get hired by a studio to write a bad script on their terms.

5. Remember that while you are writing your spec script it is the last time when you will have absolute control. Make it count.

I would like to know what exactly Joss' involvement was. If he really invented Rex, I'm now blown away. Rex always been my favorite character on Toy Story.

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