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September 15 2011

"Sing Along with the Horrible Doctor" shirt at TeeFury. A portion of the proceeds for each sale of this Dr. Horrible inspired shirt will be donated to "Club Mo" for the Los Angeles "Walk For Lupus Now". More information at: Support Club Mo. Also, TeeFury will be matching the donation amount.

For those unfamiliar with TeeFury [via their FAQ]: TeeFury is a place where you will find amazing tees at amazing prices (and occasionally other non-tee things). It's pretty simple - one new super limited-edition tee every 24 hours for $10.

We don't usually do front page entries to one-day tshirt sales* but seeing as this is for charity, it can stay. Apologies to quacky for the deletion of their entry earlier on, I was editing on the fly.

* a)it felt like we getting spammed with them and that's not on
b) one-day entries don't tend to generate much discussion
Haha, it may not generate much discussion, but at very least one person (me) ordered it: "Yay charity!"
Ordered too :)
It's not a shirt I definitely would have ordered, but the donation to Club Mo swayed me :)
Thank's for posting this link! I'm so happy to have made it back on to Whedonesque! :) Go Club Mo!!!
I wish the River Tam and the Fireflies shirt was still available.
I purchased the shirt right away :-) As a fellow lady with lupus, I'm thrilled to support a great cause am thankful for all that Mo has done to bring attention to this terrible illness. "Never surrender."
Massive TNX! to @JoeySpiotto for his awesome Dr. H t-shirt raising $750 for #ClubMo, #WalkforLupus AND to @teefury for agreeing to match it!

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