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September 15 2011

Several Whedonverse cameos in this week's episode of the Guild. They make their appearance at the celebrity party.

It was fun to do "who's who" at the party.
Yeah I think I suck at that, I only recognised Eliza Dushku, Tom Lenk and Dichen Lachman.
Also, Grant Imohara of Mythbusters and ED's main squeeze Rick Fox is with her.
and Chuck! I mean, Zachary Levi :)
Colin Ferguson from Eureka!

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I know it seems terrible, but I was actually more excited to see Tom (Andrew) Lenk this week than I was to see Neil Gaiman last week (although Neil's Godfather scene was awesome).
That is terrible :). I kid, I was having fun checking out all the familiar faces, too.
Funny episode, great use of all the guest stars!
I'm starting to wonder if the great purple one himself is going to show up.

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