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September 15 2011

(SPOILER) Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A For Buffy Season 9 #1. Covers a wide range of topics.

Working it out with Fox. Digital is coming.
Just wanted to share that quote.
So, it's good to know what won't be happening this season. ;)
Man, Scott sounds like he's been through WAY too many of these, with his preemptive weariness about shippers, etc. Poor guy. He used to be so enthusiastic. Now he just seems to want to get it over with.
Yeah, I do sometimes read some of the questions and think 'Do you REALLY expect him to answer that?'

Overall though, I love these Q&As. I just hope he doesn't feel the need to give up on them again.
"Scott: Since he got a soul, she's alternately treated Spike like her sole confidante, the only one who understands her, or like a dog. I don't know that it warrants explanation—her behavior speaks for itself—although one would hope she would evolve. But there won't be a scene where she says, This is why I'm so inconsistent with you, Spike. One could also asks why he puts up with it, but I think his motivations and drives are a bit more straightforward."

Sorry, but I find the above a tad weird. Judging by the above imo he doesn't really think much of ether Buffy or Spike. Did he miss out on season 7 or something? Even If Spike was right in Chosen and Buffy never did love Spike she at least respected him in the later seasons, so quite where he's getting this view is beyond me really.
I think Scott Allie is great, and am amazed he has the patience for these, and the Slayalive crew are great for sorting them out, but gosh does he get asked a lot of questions which are unanswerable.
Interesting things said and not said. This exchange caught my eye:

"I haven't managed to read the issue (I will in about 2 weeks) but, similar to Stoney's above question, I'm curious to know if Buffy will get to address her feelings about Angel being Twilight and killing Giles.

Scott: Buffy's mostly dealing with the question of where she is right now, and what she's going to do next with her life. She's reeling from what happened, but she's focused on the future."

So, the love of her life kills her father figure/mentor and her concern is focusing on her future? Okay....

In the "not said" category, it is interesting to me that a good majority of the questions focused on (1) Spike and his possible role, (2) Xander and his emotional state, and (3) What it means to have Riley back. Missing in this series of questions was nearly anything about Willow. It's pretty clear they are setting Xander up for trouble with Dawn, but the fact that there is nothing about Willow does interest me. I think it (sotto voce) means something...
@Dana5140, I have always assumed that the lack of a capacity for deep reflection that could penetrate a protective ego 'bubble' is at the core if Buffy - and maybe a crucial feature if slayer DNA. To me, it runs consistently through her story line since we met her and maybe what contributes to her longevity as a slayer. I don't mean that it is a selfish "want,take,have" or careless disregard of others, just that - as a slayer - it would be counterproductive to spend mental energy and capital in self-reflection and self doubt and much more sensible to focus on the next battle. Even though she can now be 'normal' due to changing circumstances, her core personality is 'set' and unlikely to change fundamentally (barring some 'conversion' experience).
Hey all.
Just wanted to let you know that Scott sent along a little extra note that I added to the bottom of the Q&A just now.
Thanks for pointing out that note from Scott,Wenxina.Xander was a heavy focus of the questions in this Q/A so Xander fans really will want to read that note I think.
Thanks, wenxina! Scott wrote a note to the Xander fans. That's so sweet. And I'm so excited for Xander's story right now. I love that it's Joss' idea and that those issues are from way back and not just from S8.
baxter- well, maybe. But I am troubled by the fact that her former lover killed her father figure. This is not about self-reflection, but lord, I don't think you get over a death like that quickly or easily. And you don't necessarily forgive, either.
@baxter, I agree with you. Buffy's not totally blameless in the Twilight debacle after all, and I think it makes sense for her as a character to not want to dwell on it so much. I think #40 took care of this as well, where Giles gave everything to Faith, and Faith's taking care of Angel, so Buffy has little choice but to just worry about herself for awhile. I think fans who want to focus on Twilight and it's fallout have "Angel and Faith" and should be satisfied with that. I'm happy to have that, and have Buffy be the title that looks forward.

Also, I'm very happy about that Xander note. It would be very easy to give Dawn and Xander a happy ending and just kick them to the curb, so I'm glad Joss has something up his sleeve.
Wow, kinda cool that there were so many questions about Xander...even though it looked like a lot of them were from the same poster.

One thing that hasn't been clear to me since the end of Season 8 where the seed was destroyed and the magic was all supposed to go away...why is Dawn still here? She's essentially a magical creation. Maybe that is the secret Xander and Buffy are keeping from Dawn - maybe they know she won't continue to exist for much longer, and that's why he's so gloomy. Loss of a loved one is unfortunately a persistent theme in his life.

I'm probably totally wrong on this count, because you'd expect Buffy and Willow to be just as distressed about her fate.
This new character, Severin, could be a reference to Bill Paxton's crazy vampire Severen in Near Dark.
I think, much like vampires and demons, Dawn is now simply self-sustaining. She was a magical creation but is now a person. However, I wouldn't hate some/another existential crisis for her, throwing her into focus and stuff. That'd be cool. (Long-shot: Anya is back! :p)
...even though it looked like a lot of them were from the same poster.

I've asked four questions but the rest are from different posters: Stoney, Matrim, Moscow Watcher, tigerfan, Chad Schwartz, and cheryl.

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