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September 15 2011

Neil Patrick Harris gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Short piece and photos of NPH's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony where he is joined by partner David Burtka, Jason Segel, plus check the photos for a surprise appearance by someone familiar.

I halfheartedly looked for a video (too early) but stumbled on an article and this Joss quote:

Also on hand to celebrate Neil were actor Jason Segel and director Joss Whedon. Jason, in particular, deemed his "HIMYM" co-star a triple threat. "Neil has been entertaining audiences in television, stage, the Internet and film for over 60 years, and he just honestly couldn't look better," he gushed

Always with the jokes. Sweet.
I can't find Joss' speech anywhere. Here's what I did find -

Jason's Speech - it also has the beginning and end of NPH's speech.

Neil's Speech - This video starts off with a weird intro, and then a guy talking about going to film NPH getting his star. There's some fun behind the scenes moments - like Joss and Jason standing around chatting and then NPH finally coming up to hug them and chat with them. Would love to have been a fly buzzing around their heads. It has Jason's speech, but it's got parts cut out of it, and then finally NPH's speech.
Sorry, I knew it was too early - I mistakenly read that Joss said that, instead of Jason. Jason, you funny too!

ETA: Thanks for those videos!!

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Huzzah for NPH!!! Such a great actor, and he seems like a lovely human being, too.
Look how Suited Up he is. Would be Horrible if it weren't so Legendary.

I don't know how to do the linky thing but the above address takes you to Joss' speech.
Well deserved, wish congratulations to Neil Patrick Harris! He's one of the finest actors today.

gossi, appreciate the catch there with Amy. She's as beautiful as ever.
I remember Spring Byington. I watched her show December Bride when I was very little. I loved it.

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