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September 16 2011

(SPOILER) Angel and Faith #2 Preview pages. Dark Horse has a three page preview of the next Angel & Faith issue. Due out September 28.

Preview looks great.
Can I just say how much I love the fact that 2 days after the last Buffyverse comic comes out we get a preview for the next one?
I hope the mysterious saviour is a former Angel character!
Presumably it's Angel, avoiding the other slayers seeing him. Hence the last thought box from Faith.
Plus you can see his coat.
You'll all be surprised if it's David Nabbit. As would I, come to think of it.
I wonder, does he go by "Dag"?
I doubt it's Angel. They just disguised his identity last season with the whole Twilight thing. I don't think they would do something that lame.
The bald vampire in these pages looks a bit like Icarus from the Fray books. Coincidence?
@Brierly-My thought is that we are supposed to know that it's Angel-he's just hiding from the other slayers, because they would want to make him dead with the quickness.
I disagree. They wouldn't hide his face from the audience if that were the case, and a "mysterious identitied Angel" just isn't as surprising as having Gunn or Connor turn out to be the culprit.
Yea, it's pretty much definitely Angel. The coat's the easiest clue, plus it makes sense for him to be hiding from the slayers who would very much like him to be a pile of dust. And Faith's last line of the preview pretty much clinches it.
@Brierly, it's not supposed to be a mystery person, you're supposed to deduce it's Angel from Faith's thoughts. It's not some twist or mystery, it's just Angel, the audience is supposed to think just a little bit.
We'll see who's right on September 28, but until then, it ain't Angel, it's a mystery.
Um yeah, if you read between the lines that is obviously Angel who killed the vamp. They can't spell it out for us because that would be bad writing

I'm loving this very Buffy-ish Faith, having a crew of Slayers she runs with. She definitely seems to have a leadership position, whether she realizes it or not. Awesome
The art work is amazing!! (is it wrong for me to wish that Buffy was drawn this way?) Really looking forward to this :)
Does anyone else get sort of Buffy season 1 vibe from this a bit? I mean Giles is guiding faith post mortem, Angel is watching her back from the shadows and the other slayers are the equivalent of Faith's "scoobies"

I don't know. I just love where she is in her life right now. Course, we all know bad things will happen. This is Angel land, where the stories are usually darker than the Buffy ones, but I'm going to go ahead and enjoy where she's currently at in her path of redemption while I still can. I'm so proud of her
This book is just stupendous so far.

And my goodness does Steve Morris have a distinct gorgeous style or what? What with the flowy and muted colors...
It's clearly Angel. The broadsword was always his most iconic weapon, Faith is the "avoiding" because she knows it is him but can't tell Nadira, and we see his trench coat.

Nice preview. Very interesting that the vampire is using a gun now.
*Cue the argument about where a British vampire managed to get his hands on a Mini-Uzi in 3...2...1...* :)
It's so not Angel. When I'm proving right on September 28, I expect some freshly baked humble pies from a lot of people...
re: the uzi

You go in the right pub in the right part of town, you can find someone who's selling pretty much anything....
It's so not Angel. When I'm proving right on September 28, I expect some freshly baked humble pies from a lot of people...

Hope that applies vice versa.
No need, Matt. I'm right.
If it was anyone else (other than Angel) why would Faith act that way? "And the queen of avoidance strikes again."
If it wasn't Angel and she had no idea, why would she be avoiding answering their questions properly? She'd be as confused and intrigued as they were.
As everyone's said, that was the kind of coat Angel wears, he was using a broad sword, keeping to the shadows. VERY Angel behaviour plus he wasn't showing his face because those girls want him dead.
Hello? Broadsword? Kind of Angel's weapon of choice
Angel's too obvious a suspect. It ain't Angel.
I'd agree with you if it was actually supposed to be a mystery.
But there's not supposed to suspects or speculations. It's just supposed to be Angel.
I smell trolling at this point.
Just saying. This is getting beyond silly.
I was beat!

@ChristosGage post:!/Christosgage

"On the preview pages for ANGEL & FAITH #2, that is indeed Angel who decapitates the vampire from hiding. Wasn't meant to be a mystery. Sorry"

Mystery solved, I suppose. Kind of make me a little sad that he had to do that, IMO

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On the preview pages for ANGEL & FAITH #2, that is indeed Angel who decapitates the vampire from hiding. Wasn't meant to be a mystery. Sorry
- Christos Gage
Nice to know we're all reading Twitter at the same time. :D
So do we get our humble pies from Brierly now or...
Which is a joke.

[ edited by Nathan on 2011-09-18 22:44 ]
Let's not go there, please.

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