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September 16 2011

Christina Hendricks co-stars in "Drive", in theaters now! Not to be confused with Tim Minear's cancelled Fox series starring Nathan Fillion (as if there was just one). Although, I like to pretend the film is a prequel.

The film also co-stars Ron Perlman, who appeared in Alien Resurrection, written by Joss.

Looks great! Hopefully I'll have time to see it in theater.
And the comedy "I Don't Know How She Does It," starring Sarah Jessica Parker, is also out in theaters today. Christina was busy!
It's a very good -- and very violent -- movie. Ms. Hendricks' part is small, but memorable.

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Seriously everyone, go see this. It is unbelievably fantastic. Brilliant direction, outstanding cast and a terrific soundtrack. One of the rare movies that reminds me why I love movies.
Not to overhype it or anything though.
@ItsOnlyCody I'm right there with you! It totally lives up to that hype. My favorite film this year, so far. Heart-pounding, visceral and full of surprises! It's like if Walter Hill and Michael Mann had a beautiful, violent love child. :)
The person sitting next to me in the theater today afterwards called it the "worst movie she's ever seen". I loved it, but thought half way through that it was probably going to be a film many would hate.
Can't wait to see this movie, but it isn't coming out in Australia until late October. It does look like a niche movies that a lot of people wouldn't like. I've only seen one clip (the elevator kiss), and found it mesmerizing.

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