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September 16 2011

(SPOILER) Buffy's toughest 'Season Nine' challenge won't be supernatural. Hero Complex and Andrew Chambliss discusses his work on the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine comic

I am so looking forward to reading Chambliss's Buffy and Spike interaction. He always seems very proud of it in interviews. And I have to say, I am amazed how neatly Buffy's ordeals correspond to the places I've gone and the places I'm in in my own life, in every season so far minus #1 and #8. (Well, except for the slaying.)

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As a Spike hater, his presence is really the only thing about Season 9 I dislike.

I like that Andrew is the main writer for Season 9--it should create a consistency that was sort of lacking in Season 8 with its uneven story arcs.
Also, I just watched Near Dark for the first time last night and I'm convinced Severin is a reference to Bill Paxton's Severen from that film.
As a Spike hater, his presence is really the only thing about Season 9 I dislike.

I saw nothing in this interview to suggest he's a Spike-hater.
What are you talking about, menomegirl? Who is "he"?
I am talking about myself, menomegirl. This is how pronouns work: "Spike"="his". You obviously think I was referring to Andrew Chambliss. I was making a statement about my opinion of Season 9.
I really hope Chambliss knocks it out of the park. It's always a risk to give a writer such a big job when they've never written for the TV series before! But I loved his Dollhouse episodes and more often than not, Joss seems to have chosen his writers well, so I'm pretty hopeful. He seems like a lovely guy and I wish him all the success for S9.

I'm glad Buffy's arc will be more relatable in S9. I loved S8 and I'm one of few people who seemed to really appreciate Buffy's story and think it was mapped out really well, but I can see why people had trouble connecting to her. And I think I will appreciate it all the more when I see how it reflects back on her journey in S8 (she was flying high and now she's in "freefall" etc) and ties it all together.

Brierly, if you have more to add why don't you just edit your posts instead of double posting?

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Brierly-Well, I suppose I must have misunderstood your post. I thought you had been calling Andrew Chambliss a Spike-hater.

ps-I know how pronouns work, thanks.

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I'm very intrigued to see how Andrew progresses whatever kind of relationship Buffy and Spike will have.

Vamps, good point about "flying hgh" and then going into freefall.
vampmogs, I don't have an "edit" option on my end.
I'm very excited about this season. Buffy's storyline is the one I'm so interested in -was so interested in it even before I read issue 1!
Brierly-You should be seeing [edit] right before your name, like this:

[ edit ] menomegirl | September 17, 15:29 CET
As a Spike hater, his presence is really the only thing about Season 9 I dislike.

I'm not terribly fond of posters declaring themselves as haters of characters. It tends not to end well here. So I would suggest that it's something to be avoided. As for your account, you should be able to edit your comments.
Simon, I hope the same goes for people declaring themselves "lovers" of characters.

It's also a free country. I have the right to express my dislike/hate of a fictional character. Freedom of speech is a constitutionally-protected right.

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Um, not on a privately run website it isn't. Just saying.
Thank you for beating me to that one Dana. "Freedom of Speech" applies to the government, not a private establishment/website. Especially an international website, might I add.
I don't appreciate being passive-aggressively threatened by Simon, especially when I did nothing wrong. Just sayin'.
To be honest Brierly, and this is coming from a non-mod who is about as flighty about posting regularly as they come, Simon's was a fairly benign suggestion.

Many of us have been here long enough to see many a topic derailed based on charecter love/hate. Heck, for statistical fun check the percentage of comments on this topic alone that are about your stance compared to... I don't know... Andrew Chambliss or Season 9.

Also, I know if I have a problem with a mod, I've always been able to e-mail them.


But anyway, it will be good to see Buffy as Buffy again. I tried not to get too down on the previous run but the scale got so big that I felt like quite a few characters were lost as characters.

Also, I like that Chambliss acknowledges how much Buffy sounds like Joss. For the longest time, I've always wondered how close his personality is to the original Buffy lineup because every time I hear him talk I feel like I pick up bits of Buffy characters.

Firefly isn't quite like that for me because he's played with the the syntax and dialect so much that I don't pick it up.
I don't appreciate being passive-aggressively threatened by Simon, especially when I did nothing wrong. Just sayin'.

You've mistaken a polite warning for passive aggression. I'll be more blunt: you're not acting in a way that encourages your continued participation on this site. Above all you are expected to be respectful of other posters and the mods. If you have a problem with what anyone else has said here, do email us.
I want to put the Buffy on slide 5 in my pocket and keep her for myself. Too cute!
Interesting interview.
I guess it makes complete sense her biggest challenges at the moment are life.
Sunfire, if the mod has a problem with something I've posted, do email me. I was only defending myself. I expect the same courtesy and respect you do. Tit for tat.
I think we already deja'd this vu. Goodbye, Brierly.
I lol'd.

As for Chambliss, now that I've become engrossed in "The Vampire Diaries", I'm actually really excited about what he might bring that merges a bit of that tone and ambiance into the Buffyverse. I honestly don't care enough for "Dollhouse" to really rely on that as a YES he's writing Buffy thing.
Andrew has some British writing experience with Adelle DeWitt and I really like this bitter quote:

Everyone has their first date... and the object is to hide your flaws. And then you're in a relationship and it's all about hiding your disappointment. Then once you're married it's about hiding your sins.

I wonder if Severin will have some of Andrew Chambliss' personality.
Actually, I think Brierly had a point. If you read Sunfire's initial post, it basically said that he doesn't like Brierly. "I'm not terribly fond of posters declaring themselves as haters of characters". I personally didn't interpret that as polite the way it was worded. I also don't see what's wrong with saying you hate a character. I openly said that I hated Kennedy in another topic we had. I'm not going to lie about how I feel about any character

I have noticed that mods on this site do tend to be a bit more aggressive than many other sites I've been on. I've personally not had a problem with any of them, but they do seem too quick to pounce on someone. That's my opinion. A mod should step in when there actually IS a problem in my humble opinion
No, it didn't actually say that. The post read as though the action of posting hate for characters was not something they were terribly fond of, not Brierly as a person. In no way did it actually indicate that.
If you do have problems/issues with mods' decisions, do email us about them. They don't get discussed on site.
I'm glad to see I'm not the only fan to spot the Near Dark namecheck! :) Loved that movie.
Yes, it did. He referred to his dislike for "posters" rather than "posts". That could easily be taken in a rude way as Brierly clearly did.

I don't wish to be argumentative though. However, I am philosophically opposed to the idea that people can't express their hate for a character. It happens all the time on discussion forums and podcasts and is a normal part of healthy discussion and debate on any work of fiction. That being said, I'm not going to go against what the mods say. They're the, bosses
Arkham258 I can only assume that you disregarded what I said two comments up about not discussing mods' decisions so I'm withdrawing your posting privileges for a brief period of time.
And for the record, again, I'm not the same person as Simon. Although it is kinda flattering to keep needing to point that out. I didn't think I was that good at fake Britishness! But no, seriously: 2 orange S-names. Until I get annoyed enough to change mine to something more memorable like KittenRainbowSparkle.
I'm so calling you that from now on.
Also for the record: Sunfire is female, Simon is, unsurprisingly, male. (And, BTW, not that it matters, 'cos I barely ever post here, but I too am male, despite the "Nancy," which used to throw people quite a bit.) And I think your fake Britishness is totally awesome, SF.
SNT! Welcome back! And KittenRainbowSparkle's Britishness has to be seen to be believed.
Shouldn't that be KittenRainbowSparkle?
I'm very tempted to go change her name :)))
For the record, I know a Simon who isn't male. Just saying :)
I knew a Simon who wasn't male. You know where she is now? She's *dead*.

;-) *flies away lightly on the wings of his F&Gs reference*
I knew a Simon who wasn't male. You know where she is now? She's *dead*.

;-) *flies away lightly on the wings of his F&Gs reference*

Nice! (F&G fan here) Hi, SNT! Long time, stranger. :)
Are we allowed to have this many orange posters in one thread? Someone could take them all out with one blow! Nice to see you, SNT, and I definitely think Sunfire should rename herself KittenRainbowSparkle!

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